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A Staffing Agency Helps You Unlock the Benefits of a Mobile Recruiting  

The foundation of recruitment is the ability and flexibility to communicate with potential candidates and share a profusion of information. For any staffing agency a fast-paced competitive environment makes it crucial to attract the top talents today by all means. With the surge in mobile devices job seekers are getting inclined towards searching for a job opportunity on small screens or tablets.   

Due to the market flux and growth of the candidate-driven market as a recruiter you need to make the recruiting process pragmatic and practical. As per data, 89% of job seekers trust that mobile devices play a crucial role in their job search, and businesses that neglect this factor lose 20% of the potential candidatesThis blog explains why you should adopt an agile recruiting strategy to attract potential talents.   

How Does a Recruitment Firm Benefits from a Mobile Recruiting Strategy? 

Mobile recruiting strategy means that you have the best process to attract the top talents, engage them and manage relationships with the job seekers. A mobile career website allows the candidate to easily access the job posting and prioritize their job requirements.   

Utilizing a mobile strategy recruiters can intensify their reach of job search to a wider audience because mobile recruiting offers the opportunity to connect with a wider audience. To capture the attention of growing job demands recruiters have to enhance their job search so that they can target a large pool of talent.  

Recruiters often tend to underestimate the importance of mobile recruiting. After applying when the candidates do not hear back from you, they class the process as a bad experience. This blog will help you understand why mobile recruiting is crucial and how you can unlock its benefits:  

1. Immediate Contact   

A mobile recruitment strategy makes it easy to connect with the candidates because the ATS filters out candidates who don’t match the job requirements. At times when you are loaded down with applicants you may feel short of time to respond to each candidate. With mobile recruiting, you can easily get connected with the candidates in various ways. Text message in mobile recruiting is an important aspect through which you can reach out to candidates faster.   

2. Quick Access to Notifications 

One of the most beneficial factors of the mobile recruiting strategy is receiving smart notifications. This way the recruiters can immediately know if something important has happened no matter wherever they are. This leads to faster response time, ultimately creating a positive impact on the candidates’ minds. Overall, mobile recruiting can lead to a shorter and more effective recruitment process.   

3. Streamlined Process  

A mobile recruitment strategy promotes a rationalized process so that the candidates can easily apply for jobs. With the optimized process candidates can upload their resumes making it convenient for them to apply for multiple jobs. This in turn allows recruiters to filter out the top talents.   

4. Easy to Work in a Sharable Approach 

When two people are sitting next to each other it is trouble-free to discuss issues and share opinions. But when they are time zones apart sharing details becomes a bit too difficult. They can probably contact each other through mobile phones. A recruitment mobile app that is designed specifically for such situations authorizes them to get connected and decide on a plan of action.   

5. Promotes Employer Branding 

A mobile recruitment strategy shows that your company has a good brand reputation with a modern and tech-savvy team. Companies that get involved in mobile-optimized recruitment tend to attract more candidates while promoting themselves as a forward-thinking company.   

6. Captures a Greater Number of Applicants 

A job advertisement attracts the attention of job seekers, and they can apply to the posted jobs wherever they are with a mobile device. Many applicants submit job applications because the application is easy to process with their mobile devices. Subsequently, a pool of talent will be available to apply to your job posts.   


Dos and Don'ts of Mobile Recruiting Strategy 

Similar to the other technologies, mobile recruitment determines your needs and capabilities to allow you to apply the best-in-class approaches. Sometimes these strategies can give paltry results so while opting for mobile recruitment course of action choose wisely:  


  • Ensure that your properties work seamlessly on all devices and do not get crashed due to any bug.   
  • Build an end-to-end mobile experience that enables cross-platform functionality.   
  • Create a customized website or job portal or career website that adapts to the users’ device.   
  • Automation in your mobile recruiting process can help you perform tasks like resume parsing, communication, and analytics.   
  • A simplified and streamlined process so that it is easy for all teams to understand the recruitment process.   


  • An informal way of communicating like sharing information or sharing serious conversations like negotiations or salary discussions over text.   
  • A general-purpose method for building pages instead of providing a tailored approach.   
  • Shifting all your workflows to the mobile environment rather than focusing only on the important elements.  

Requisites to Start Mobile Hiring 

Mobile Recruiting Application 

A mobile recruiting app can be called a one-stop source for the mobile recruiting process. Various apps have robust ATS platform that does the work of resume parsing, interviewing, filtering out applicants, and checking analytics with ease. The best recruiting apps focus on these processes that are tailored to mobile users. 

Mobile-Friendly Websites 

Any website that is designed to attract candidates should be responsive to all mobile apps including providing a customized user experience. You can easily onboard candidates with these mobile-friendly websites. It is ideal to offer a customized experience for every device.  

Unlock the Benefits and Attract Potential Candidates Through a Mobile Recruiting Strategy 

The bottom line is that mobile recruitment allows you to promptly get in touch with the potential candidate so that you do not strip out the best talents. If you are a staffing agency a mobile recruitment strategy aids you in meeting candidates with the best talents so that you can fill a position with the best possible candidates.   

In today’s fierce and highly competitive market, recruiters must level software and technologies to unravel the talents suited to your needs. Building such a process pushes candidates to shift from one device to another while filling up a form. All processes should be done with a single device.  You can also leverage recruitment automation tool for the winning formula in staffing.   

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