Industry – Engineering  

Service – Contingent Workforce Management 

About Our Client 

Our client is one of the world’s biggest names in the engineering industry. Their global headquarters is located in Pittsburg, PA. Our client’s solutions help customers deliver goods and services with fantastic speed and at a much more affordable rate. They offer advanced manufacturing techniques, have the most competent industry expertise, and several other striking features which make our client stand out in the market. They have more than 65 service sites around the world.  


One of the biggest challenges for our client was to find the best techno-functional candidates who have significant years of experience in managerial roles along with a great extent of hands-on experience in technical tools and technologies. They wanted a team of 10 such diversely talented, skilled professionals on a contingent basis for six months. 

 Our client tried to hire such talents on their own before reaching out to us. But they were unsuccessful in their attempt as it was complicated for them to find skilled technical people with managerial knowledge and experience. So, they were looking for one of the best efficient engineering and technology staffing companies. That’s when they heard about Rekrooting’s goodwill and contacted us. Our client sought our help to find them a team of such unique talents.  


Rekrooting is one of the best engineering and technology recruitment agencies in the USA. And we have proven this fact again by serving this client with a perfect solution to their above complex problem. As one of the premium engineering and technology staffing firms, we established a unique approach to help our client fulfil their exclusive requirement.  

Our engineering and technology recruiters first brainstormed and then crafted their staffing strategy so that it exactly meets the need of our client.  

Our recruiters took a step beyond the conventional engineering and tech recruiting services. They leveraged the power of intelligent staffing technologies and techniques to do comprehensive research and find colleges that offer certification courses on engineering tools and technologies. Not only that, but they also identified the pattern of those tech-driven candidates who are interested in management courses as well. Finally, they acquired the critical insights and analytics to understand and explore such candidates who are skilled in both technologies and managerial skills.  

And with this critical data in hand, Rekrooting tied up with several colleges which offer advanced technological and managerial courses for placement services. In the end, our recruiters found a set of efficient engineering candidates who are experienced and also playing managerial roles through colleges. This way, we customized and transformed our engineering and technology staffing services for our client based on their needs.  

The team Rekrooting also met our client’s all compliance requirements for the candidates before offering them the final contingent job offer.  


With our advanced technology staffing approach, Rekrooting successfully placed a team of 10 highly skilled engineering professionals with exceptional managerial capabilities at our client’s company. Our client was delighted with our service and mentioned us as one of the excellent and most innovative engineering and tech recruiting agencies.  

Below are a few highlights of the outcome of our out-of-the-box solution that we have provided to our engineering client:  


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