We believe in nurturing our partnerships and collaborations by building long-term relationships with integrity and trust as our essence. Rekrooting ensures a coalescing approach from the inception of knowing each client. Our people never fail to leverage their expertise and knowledge to analyze your challenges from the roots and make sure we create customized solutions to those.


 Rekrooting Works with a Research and Analytics Driven Approach

With the evolving business needs, companies are constantly searching for efficient talents who can help drive their growth. They are reaching out across different industries and demographics to fulfil their needs.

With such a colossal necessity, the balance between efficient, expert, and knowledgeable candidates and the need for them worldwide are not matched. The demand for the right talents is outstripping the supply, so there is a massive shortage of critical professionals and workers! This means you must compete for scanty skills, whether you have a startup business or a Fortune 500 company.

But with our team's pervasive industry knowledge and prowess, we consistently help our clients win this competition. We work closely with them from DAY 1 to understand their business and identify their USP, which sets them to stand out in the crowd.

With these insights and by building consistent and lasting relationships with our clients, we always serve them with the topmost candidates in the market according to their needs. And we have been proudly doing so for years now

 Our Excellent Solutions 

Does your business have access to the most talented freelancers, contractors, or an efficient contingent workforce? No?


We are here to help you out. Rekrooting vouches to quickly serve you with the same talent pipeline that you need to fill the critical openings in your company. Our expert program teams ensure that they deliver an extraordinary experience for candidates and program managers.

With our crucial insights, you will get purposeful business intelligence which can further help you get a talented workforce; exactly when you need them. In turn, your business will see sustainable and long-lasting growth, and you will be able to save some bucks. We understand very well that there is enormous importance in providing the right talent to the right client at the right time. And we do exactly that!

At Rekrooting, we have a team of 100+ highly experienced recruitment and sourcing professionals who work diligently all the time to meet the staffing needs of our clients. We have a broad spectrum of sourcing channels that boost our headcount. Our sourcing experts have a record of filling job openings for our clients within a brief period (we don't claim it, our clients say it!). This fact has been a consistent driving factor regarding Rekrooting's agility and growth.

Moreover, we have our sourcing channels throughout the United States of America. So, it helps us deploy our consultants and associates to even the remotest locations according to our client's requirements. And the cherry on the cake is our AI-centric innovative application which helps us gather vetted and real-time data about the desired candidates. This reduces the turnaround time remarkably, meeting our clients' expectations fast.

The integrated ecosystem of Rekrooting comprising Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Human Intelligence (HI) plays a significant role in finding suitable candidates from the talent pool and placing them in the correct positions. Our technology solutions have amplified our operations to help us stay ahead of the curve. Our integrated working approach helps us make the most of technological innovations and our amazingly brilliant brains.

Comprehensive On-Demand & Hire-to-Retire Staff Augmentation Services 


We don't just offer general staffing services. Rekrooting takes care of everything, from end-to-end transformation to delivering outsourced processes effectively. With our Managed Services' help, we ensure to serve our clients with the right results.

Our extensive network of associates is spread across the US, and we also have clients in more than 100 cities and townships. These are the two crucial driving factors which make us competent enough to handle our clients' needs with utmost expertise and precision, irrespective of their project size or the industries they belong to.

Moreover, we believe that to deliver excellent service and effortless experiences to our clients, we must have a solid commitment to understanding and exploring them and their business. So, if you show trust in Rekrooting, you can be sure about that as we assure to not only source the best candidates for you but also provide you with the perfect workforce who will fit flawlessly into your company.


 Our purpose

  Ensuring the immense growth of our amazing clients

When we say 'amazing' here, we mean having both moral value and quality. Rekrooting believes in doing the right, not the easy. We must value and respect our candidates' and consultants' confidence in us and ensure that they work with only companies with a thriving culture, a great experience in the industry, and commendable fame.

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