The USA has always been a pioneer in medical research and development. The country spends approximately $ 60 billion annually on the R &D of the pharmaceutical industry. It dominates the market both in terms of consumption and development. The pharmaceutical industry in the US market is expected to grow more rapidly with every passing year. According to the latest update by STAT news, the USA will spend up to $ 600 billion on prescribed drugs by the year 2023.  

Hence, with this expanding pharmaceutical industry, its staffing strategies are also evolving. So, the role of solid hiring strategies for the top medical recruitment agencies is irreplaceable today. The premium healthcare specialist staffing solutions can build a strong team of pharma talents with an effective recruitment strategy. This blog will discuss some of such exceptional pharmaceutical recruitment strategies that can take any pharma business to the next level! 

The experts who follow the healthcare staffing trends consistently vouch for these pharma recruitment strategies. So, if you are hiring pharma talents, you will surely benefit from this blog. Read on to explore! 

1. Go for Temp-to-Perm

Finding a qualified candidate is one thing. But finding one that fits well within your team is an entirely different aspect! Above that, it’s pretty complex to make this determination on paper. Mostly, the only way to ensure the talents you are hiring can 100% become an integral part of your team is to try before you buy.

So, start employing this strategy to hire the best pharma talents today! This strategy is much more effective than any random healthcare recruitment software. Hiring talent as a temp will allow you to have some time to assess whether they have a long-term future in your organization. Moreover, you will also be able to make your hiring decisions faster. 

Above that, a temp-to-perm strategy is also beneficial when you don’t have clear long-term plans. You are not collapsing into a substantial fixed cost at the initial stage by leveraging the temp option. 

2. Do an Extensive Research

Great recruitment strategies for the pharmaceutical industry require extensive research. You should aim to do an in-depth analysis by dividing your strategy into different steps: 

3. Research about the USPs  

Do extensive research on any certification, licensing, or any other specific skill set requirement which is in demand in the market now. And then, you can use them as filters for improving your chances of getting more potent candidates for interviews. 

4. Self-Evaluation

Have a clear look at your present employee status and be honest about what is working and what is not! Often, it is tempting to blame candidates if you need to build an outstanding team. But the real reason is mostly a poor organizational strategy. So, you must first work on it to ensure you create the best ambience to retain great talents. 

5. Explore the Pool

“Fish where the fish are” – Did you hear about the phrase? This applies to finding talents in the pharmaceutical industry as well. You should identify and evaluate different online locations where job-seekers in the pharmaceutical world prefer to see more work. 

Look for patterns like what most pharmaceutical candidates expect from a company and their careers, what you can do to make yourself look attractive to high-performing candidates, and so on. And once you find the answers to these questions, include them in your working strategy! 

6. Find the Effective Channels

Are you leveraging potent ways to reach the most proactive performers? Ensure you watch different websites, offline channels, networks, etc., to figure out the best ways to attract an audience of potential candidates. 

7. Know How to Establish the Best Culture and Brand

Understand what message your brand has for others, potential candidates specifically. After identifying it, flaunt it more while crafting your recruitment strategies. Try to research more and determine what you can do to portray your business as the best workplace. 

The clearer your answers are to the above queries that belong to different categories, the stronger you can craft the backbone of your pharmaceutical hiring strategy. 

8. Do Your Calculations

It is always recommended to stay clear about the numbers. Otherwise, it will be challenging to connect the pharmaceutical hiring process to the bottom line. How fast you are hiring is one of many metrics. The more you are clear about different aspects of the hiring process and their impact on your company, the more you will be in a better position to take your decisions. 

Make sure you have a list of the following things when it comes to pharmaceutical hiring: 

  • Target cost for each hire 
  • Time required to fill each role
  • Percentage of candidates hired by source channel 
  • Retention Rate 
  • Offer acceptance rate 
  • Open vacancies vs filled positions 
  • Mix of genders 


Don’t overlook it even if you can estimate easily. It’s because guessing won’t be enough to help you with the same base for decision-making and improved ROI as factual data. Hence, ensure you do your mathematics properly while hiring pharmaceutical talents! 

9. Opt for Social Recruiting Methods

Social recruitment is gaining much attention in the pharmaceutical industry because job boards and traditional ads are no longer effective. Engage with pharmaceutical talents via social media and present them with your opportunities. It will be like chatting with a friend and talking to them for a referral. 

According to the latest statistics, 77% of pharma recruiters find social channels better than job boards for hiring the best talents. It helps build good relationships with candidates rather than just promoting your needs on job boards. The most significant benefit of doing this is that you can start to sell the candidates on your culture more potent than ever before. So, the right prospects will already be pre-sold to you. 

The biggest companies have attained tremendous success with LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter ads. Try to find out the social channels your prospective pharma candidates prefer and stay active on those platforms. 


Over to You 


And here we come to an end! These solid recruitment strategies will help you succeed in your search for potential pharma candidates. Have you leveraged any of these strategies before? Tell us about your thoughts! 


88% of pharma recruitment experts vouch for the above strategies. But is there anything else that worked for you? Please let us know in the comment section below. 

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