With the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, the world of work has been ushered into a completely new era. In the healthcare industry, where lives are at stake, healthcare recruitment agencies had to evolve quickly to manage drastic swings in demand for workers. As the pandemic surged and declined location-wise throughout the USA, the demand intensified for specific roles like travel nursing jobs, respiratory therapy specialists, etc. On the other hand, the need for most locum specialities and physical therapy was not much!

With such developments, healthcare support staffing has got a new face in the last three years. The new normal looks quite different when it comes to healthcare staffing. Though the pandemic has subsided now, we have our eyes on specific key healthcare staffing trends that might have come into existence during the pandemic, but they are here to stay.

Read on to explore those.

What are the Key Healthcare Staffing Trends of 2022?

Healthcare staffing experts across the United States of America vouch for the below staffing trends that are proven to hire the right talents at the right place for the right purpose.

Let’s dive in

  1. New Patient-Focused Positions are on Demand

Healthcare has shifted towards improved and coordinated care in the last few years. The ongoing wellness programs are creating new professions focused on patient engagement. So, there is a high demand for healthcare recruitment agencies to hire more patient care coordinators who are true advocates for patients, specialists for managing chronic diseases, community health workers, and so on. It has also become a focus for healthcare recruitment agencies to identify if these workers are adequately trained by health and medical professionals to promote healthy lifestyles among patients.


  1. Data-Driven Recruitment is on Rising in the Healthcare Industry

Healthcare staffing is a lot more based on available critical data nowadays. For example, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, nursing jobs are in high demand this year. So, the best healthcare recruitment agencies are getting a lot more creative nowadays to find unique insights to get an edge and hire the best nurses. For that, staffing agencies rely heavily on innovative technologies to solve their challenges.

They are getting empowered to find and analyze different types of valuable data, which is critical for healthcare staffing agencies to succeed in 2022. All kinds of insights are essential now, from pointing out locational imbalances – where some places have enough healthcare professionals and some have a deficit – to identifying new healthcare graduates via LinkedIn and other social media platforms.


  1. Finding Candidates in an Automated Way

Over the years, staffing firms have struggled to find high-demand candidates, like travel nurses. However, those same firms had hundreds to thousands of passive candidates sitting in their databases whom they were not even aware of. Those candidates used to not get engaged.

However, in 2022, automated database mining has helped to solve this problem. It allows healthcare recruitment agencies to effortlessly mine for and engage existing leads. They leverage the power of automated engagement for that.

By doing this, healthcare recruiters are now saving time when it comes to engaging leads. Eventually, they are screening only such interested candidates, building relationships with them, and bridging the gap between them and meaningful opportunities according to their skills and knowledge.


  1. Omnichannel Recruitment is the Key in the Healthcare Industry

How healthcare recruiters find talents has transformed in the last few years. In 2022, they are using different platforms to source, interview, and recruit talents. The critical factor they need to recognize is which platform is the best to hire for a specific position. This is the time when upskilling and reskilling of recruiters comes into existence. Furthermore, healthcare recruiters are much more empowered today to implement audio and video modes for sourcing candidates and ensure that the job description and other documents look appealing digitally.


  1. Multigenerational Workforce is the Thing Now

Today’s healthcare workforce comprises Generation Z, Generation X, Millennials, and Baby Boomers. They all anticipate something different from the roles that they play. So, to hire them, healthcare recruitment agencies are making it a point to recognize that each generation has an individual set of goals and ambitions. Successful staffing agencies understand what Gen Z wants from their workplace versus what millennials expect. And it makes their healthcare staffing strategy easier!


The Bottom Line

Is your healthcare staffing agency following the above popular staffing trends of 2022?

If not yet, buck up soon! Craft the best healthcare staffing strategies today and deliver both memorable candidate and client experiences.

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Hiren Patel, the VP (US Staffing) of Dash Technologies Inc, is one of the best brains in the Staffing industry and is also the mastermind behind Rekrooting, the eminent flagship program of Dash Technologies Inc. With an extensive working experience of more than a decade in the US staffing industry, Mr Hiren Patel is an expert in workforce management across different industries. He is also an ardent speaker and writer who loves to express his thoughts, ideas, and knowledge. In his leisure, Hiren loves to explore the latest insights of the US staffing industry and keep himself always empowered.  He is available at:

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