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Have you ever dived into the future of the automotive industry?  

Well, 86% of people who belong to the automotive industry constantly keep an eye on what's its future! Are you one of them? If so, you know already that the automotive industry is continuing to evolve remarkably due to innovative and developing technologies. With the uprise of automation, electric vehicles, and other automotive-driven latest updates, this industry is adapting a lot while emphasizing contingent workforce management solutions to meet their needs.  

Yes! The demand for contingent workforce strategies is rising in the automotive industry to acquire more and more contingent staff for hard-to-fill roles. So, contingent labor companies are in great need when it comes to workforce staffing in the automotive sector. According to a recent study, 79% of automotive businesses in the US are looking for a good contingent staffing agency to fulfil their talent management needs.  

With such existing demands, the automotive industry has seen a 16% rise in hiring activity starting in 2022.  

As the COVID-19 impact has intensified a massive technology-driven disruption in the automotive industry, it has transformed and shifted the pace of talent acquisition strategies. The traditional automakers are moving to embrace the new standards. And thus, it has become apparent for staffing agencies like us that, more than ever, we should review our talent strategy to accommodate this shift.  

So, have you transformed your contingent workforce program or maybe direct hiring strategy per the evolving staffing needs of the automotive industry?  

Buck up! It's high time.  

Below are the four best staffing trends that are taking the automotive industry by storm in 2022 and beyond.  


  1. It is expected that starting from 2022 and by the year 2030, the automotive industry will have a completely new face. A new workforce that is technically more driven is the need of the hour in this industry. Automotive companies now need more staff trained in innovative technologies like automation, AI, robotics, etc.

  3. Autonomous vehicles are the NEXT BIG THING for the automotive industry. So, they need a new set of skilled people with in-depth knowledge of machine learning, sensor processing, computer vision, etc. In 2022, most automotive companies are reaching out to a manpower hiring agency or a contingency employment agency in search of such talents.

  5. Hiring the best contingency recruitment agency is no longer enough for automotive companies to go beyond boundaries. Instead, they should aim to upskill and reskill their workforce to stay updated with the rising demand for different capabilities of engineers, service teams, specialists, and much more.

  7. The automotive industry's future is wholly digitalized, with Gen Y as the global primary decision makers. This has already started shifting consumer patterns and behaviors. So, staffing agencies should start reassessing their talent acquiring strategies associated with a contingency staffing agreement with the best automotive companies based on three critical factors: strategical depth, meaningfulness, and a holistic approach


The Bottom Line 

So, by now, you should have a good idea of how significantly the automotive industry has started evolving in the year 2022; hopefully, it will touch more new heights in the future!  

We, at Rekrooting, have recalibrated the priorities of our workforce staffing management strategy for our automotive clients to build a technology-driven future and culture. Team Rekrooting is optimistic and confident that with this approach, we will surely be able to ensure competitiveness in this evolving staffing market of the automotive industry.