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Service –   Contingent Workforce Management

About Our Client -

Our client is a renowned business-to-customer (B2C) TeleSales and Customer Support company. They have the United States as their domestic facility and full-fledged Near-Shore and Offshore facilities too. Their highly demanding call centre quality monitoring service is one of their exclusive USPs. They provide sales and support services to some of the world's most famous media houses, eCommerce businesses, internet providers, and mobile wireless companies. So, they always have a need for intense resource staffing solutions!

Challenge -

Our client wanted to run a couple of colossal full-fledged call center quality monitoring projects for one year. They needed a group of 25 efficient call center quality analysts and 25 expert quality managers. It totals 50 professionals on a contingent basis.

They had a very stringent and specific requirement of premium resource staffing solutions. Our client wanted a diverse group of call center quality monitoring professionals. They wanted the professionals to have high expertise and excellent knowledge of using the latest and innovative call center technologies. Few of the most expected ones were Artificial Intelligence and Speech Analytics, predictive analytics, etc. Also, the candidates were expected to have a hands-on experience in analytics and reporting technologies. This is not the end. They also wanted to have the professionals learn about call center learning and management software, and so on.

Our client wanted to craft two separate teams of highly skilled and technology-driven quality analysts and quality managers. They expected the talents to transform the company’s frontline performance remarkably.

Solution -

We wanted to pull out the best, proficient, and erudite call center quality monitoring candidates. There is a huge number of professionals looking for relevant jobs on several job portals. We wanted to hire the best while going beyond the conventional.

And that's what we did. Rekrooting ensured that our exclusive team of recruiters with extensive academic and working experience in the call center niche were responsible for finding the right talents. We ensured the best-of-class resource staffing solutions. Also, Rekrooting's training and learning department has helped our recruiters to stay up with their knowledge. They provided and empowered our recruiters with the latest updates of the call center technologies that our client was very discrete about.

Our recruiting team leveraged their knowledge and expertise to filter out only such quality analysts and managers who can add value to our client's business. They shortlisted only those with a sound understanding of relevant call center technologies. Our recruiters were well-aware of AI, Speech Analytics, Predictive Analytics, and other state-of-the-art technologies. They knew about these technologies’ roles in monitoring and analyzing inbound and outbound calls at the call centers. So, they could sort out the suitable candidates using the exact keywords during candidate sourcing.

Also, our team could find great candidates by using their apprehension of call center quality monitoring technologies during:


  • Technical interview rounds
  • Evaluating the results of candidates' pre-screening specialized tests, and so on.



Finally, Rekrooting successfully delivered the required number of proficient contingent candidates to our client. Moreover, we also completed all necessary compliance from background checks to insurance before placing the candidates on the floor.

Outcome -

Our client was pleased and satisfied with the interview results and performance of our candidates. The critical highlights of the results that were delivered are:

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  1. All the 100 contingent consultants (quality analysts and quality monitoring managers) we placed at our client's call center performed out-of-the-box
  2. The placed consultants were able to boost our client's call center KPIs remarkably within 3 months
  3. Our client could kickstart the projects with a sufficiently adept workforce within the estimated time.