The last few years have been a roller coaster for every industry due to the COVID-19 pandemic! This worldwide massacre has fueled significant changes in the business world. In this blog, we will focus on the Engineering industry, precisely engineering and technology staffing. 

71% of staffing experts believe hiring trends have transformed the engineering industry after the pandemic.  

Thus, engineering and technology recruitment agencies must be completely aware of it to attract the best talents and make clients happy. Do you belong to one of those engineering and technology staffing companies? Read on 


4 Best Engineering and Technology Staffing Trends of 2022  

With the below predictions, you are sure to do advanced technology staffing. These trends are all about what experts have to say. We have researched comprehensively and considered our hands-on experience to jot down the best and most influential engineering staffing trends. The best technology staffing firms vouch for these practical staffing trends in the Engineering industry. 


1. Contingent Engineering and Technology Staffing Services are on Rising  

In recent years, contingent staffing has become a new trend! This type of employment is being adopted more now due to its numerous benefits. And engineering industry is no different. 

Recently, after the COVID-19 pandemic has subsided, engineering companies have started ramping up their use of contingent workers. Some engineering fields like Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, etc. have seen a remarkable increase in contingent work opportunities in the last few years. Today, tech recruiting agencies believe that contingent work will be a part of their permanent engineering staffing strategy in the coming years. 


2. Recruitment 3.0 is Widely Used to Find Top Engineering Talents 

In 2022, tech staffing companies have entirely embraced the evolving recruiting landscape. Recruitment 3.0 is the new trend now when it comes to engineering staffing! This kind of recruitment strategy involves traditional recruitment strategies, innovative digital tools, and marketing ideas. 

With the consistently rising demand for engineering technologies and job roles, it is evident that the top engineering talents must already be employed in 2022. Eventually, they won’t be scouring job boards. However, suppose the engineering recruitment agencies leverage the power of recruitment 3.0. In that case, it will help them connect with those passive candidates who are open to new opportunities but may not be actively looking for a change. 


3.   Employer Brand is a Top Priority Now 

The modern engineering candidates of 2022 are savvier than ever before! They are very much empowered about any company and have access to a tremendous amount of information about it. Today’s engineering candidates will spend a log of time exploring an employer’s website and reading reviews. 

So, employer brands must maintain and showcase their integrity in the best possible way. They should ask themselves whether candidates will like what they come to know about their company. It is recommended that employer brands invest in social media and add more content to their website to make the face of their company look engaging. Also, if they have negative reviews, they need to respond to them and not ignore them. The experts say that in 2022, having a lousy employer brand will act like a nail in the coffin for engineering staffing efforts. 


4.  Proactive Hiring is the Norm 

We are experiencing a skill-short economy now. There has been a lapse of a few years when there was reduced funding and investment for training and development of the workforce. This has taken a toll across different sectors, especially the Engineering marketplace. 

You might already be aware of this fact. Aren’t you? There are many articles and posts out there which have sensationalizing phrases like war for talent, the great resignation, etc. These trends were predicted for 2022 and beyond quite some time ago. 

Unfortunately, this challenge is fundamental in the Engineering sector. There lies a vast skill gap, and thus recruitment agencies are consistently using staffing technologies to find the best talents. However, only this is not enough to find skilled Engineering candidates. 

If you are into the staffing business and want to recruit the best Engineering talents for your client, you need to act proactively and up-level your offer from average to outstanding! Make your offer compelling, and don’t wait for long to have the final communication with the skilled candidates. Your competitors will quickly hire suitable candidates if you don’t make the right move fast! 


The Bottom Line 

The above staffing trends are transforming the entire Engineering landscape in 2022. So, if you want to hire the most fantastic Engineering talents, make the right move now, follow these popular Engineering staffing trends, and you will surely be highly appreciated! 

We at Rekrooting have been able to double up our Engineering clients by following the above staffing trends to hire talents for them. 


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