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Your Perfect Partner to Permanent Staffing Solution 


Rekrooting attracts a strong pool of candidates qualified for your specific recruitment processes. Our permanent staffing solution starts with our robust candidate network, who are very competent and carefully selected to ensure that they fulfill permanent staffing demand best suited for your ongoing business needs.  

With our extensive experience in the staffing industry, our expert permanent recruiting team is cognizant enough that certain permanent and critical positions within your organization should be taken more care of.  

The reason can be anything from the jobs' nature to the financial benefits associated with them. We know how crucial direct placement staffing can be for your company at a certain point.

Why Choose Rekrooting for Permanent Staffing Solution?

Top-notch Direct Staffing Services

Top-notch Direct Staffing Services 

Rapid Matching with Exclusive Candidates

Rapid Matching with Exclusive Candidates


Cost-saving by Reducing Your Average Cost Per Hire 

Increase Efficiency with Permanent Staffing Solution

  • We proudly call ourselves the matchmaker of permanent staffing demand delivering services by getting acquainted with the goals, objectives and mission of the company.  
  • Our talent acquisition team will screen candidates, identify those who will work best with you within the work culture you have established and identify your specific permanent recruiting needs. 
  • As a permanent job agency we work with your company to provide you with a list of exceptional permanent staffing solutions. We will also pre-screen, test, interview and negotiate all your applications as your recruitment partner.  
  • What is the result? Less money, more time and a better option for your business. One of the main advantages of the permanent staffing solution is the dedicated and loyal workforce provided by permanent employees.  
  • As a permanent job agency, our experience says that engaging full-time team members encourages employees to feel part of the company's success. This increase productivity and improves collaboration

Exceptional Direct Staffing for Your Company with Rekrooting

Our extensive experience in the staffing industry helps us understand the importance of permanent and critical positions within your organization. The reason can be anything from the jobs' nature to their financial benefits. We know how crucial direct staffing in the usa can be for your company at a certain point.


Is your company looking for direct hire assistance?

Rekrooting offers a wide range of direct staffing solutions. We make sure every client receives the best candidates who are skilled and prefer stability. So, you can trust us for your long-term permanent talent needs!

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  How do We Work?

We have trained our team well. So, they know how to do their best headhunting to capture the attention of the most high-caliber and skilled candidates. We implement effective and proven headhunting techniques to ensure your team is enriched with excellent talents. We help you become an expert in your business niche and champion transparency while communicating.


At Rekrooting, we don't limit you to reaching out to suitable candidates for your company through one mode of communication. Instead, our expert recruiters ensure that they establish the most long-lasting relationships with prospective candidates. They communicate with them via all means. For example, social media, boosting personal relationships, and much more.

Why Choose Rekrooting for Direct Staffing?


We take pride in delivering 100% client satisfaction over the years. Our clients are happy with the great networking and relationships we have built with competent candidates.

You can find several talented candidates for your company's permanent, hard-to-fill and complex job openings with our direct staffing expertise.

We have a strategic approach to Direct Staffing. We don't just work vaguely. Our primary goal is to understand your requirement and ensure we deliver precisely according to that.