According to one of the latest global studies by McKinsey, the #1 challenge that companies are facing nowadays is retaining the top talents after hiring them.

Many businesses still believe that once the contract is signed, they are guaranteed to have the loyalty of their new employee. But the actual scenario is the other way around. An effective onboarding must be successfully ingrained into the hiring culture to retain today's brightest talents.

As we at Rekrooting have been in the workforce management business for many years now, we know how important is a good onboarding strategy to ensure maximum employee retention. Thus, we always keep an eye on the current trends relevant to the onboarding process. And some of the most buzzing figures for 2022 about the employee onboarding process are:



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  1. Effective new hire onboarding can boost employee retention by 82%
  2. 88% of USA staffing onboarding is not up to the mark
  3. 67% of talent management agencies don't have a great employee onboarding checklist
  4. 70% of team members who had excellent HR onboarding experiences say they have the best jobs
  5. 66% of people don't want to see only a conventional 'welcome onboard' message while taking up a new job; instead, they want a personalized experience

So, can you imagine how critical is it to follow the best onboarding strategies if you want to cut down your employee turnover rates?

Thus, this article will discuss the best USA staffing onboarding strategies of 2022 to help agencies hire better and ensure their selected candidates are not frequently leaving the jobs. We at Rekrooting have seen a remarkable difference that these ideas have brought us while onboarding new employees.

Here they are:

  1. Keep in Touch Constantly Before the First Day


Providing a new hire with just their start date, onboarding documents, and workplace address is a conventional way of onboarding processing. Everyone does that. But this kind of 'one-and-done' recipe for employee onboarding doesn't work anymore. With this approach, you hire people who won't think twice before skipping your agency for greener pastures after undertaking their first assignment.


Instead, staffing agencies must engage with the new hires after final interviews and before their first job day. An onboarding specialist should be aware of this critical aspect. 78% of today's candidates say when staffing agencies regularly check in with them before their first day at the job, they feel more motivated to start the new position. So, connect with the new hires before their formal start date, let them know how happy you are to hire them, and it will surely build their trust and loyalty for your agency. This is one of the most famous USA jobs onboarding trends in 2022!


  1. Plan New Employees' First Few Days


Most people are a little nervous before starting a new job. So, to stand out, you must make them feel comfortable and heard. Just like while doing customer onboarding or client onboarding, you try to take care of all of their needs in the best possible way.


Thus, if you are a workforce management agency like us, create a structured onboarding plan before hiring new employees. It will help reduce candidates' anxiety.


Ensure you are conveying to the employees a perfect schedule of how long the process will take and when they will complete specific phases. If you have an onboarding plan like this in place, you are showing the candidates that you care about their time and role.


  1. Keep New Employees Updated about Documentations and Compliances


One of the crucial roles of a responsible hiring agency is to connect and engage with the new employees consistently during the onboarding phase, especially after you have shared the welcome email with them.

When it comes to getting the relevant documentation and compliance tests completed by the candidates, you need to make sure that they are not getting frustrated with the extended time that the whole process might take.


It is vital to constantly stay in touch with them and update the candidates regarding the advancements in the process so that they remain motivated to start the job soon. This can be a game changer in keeping the new employees satisfied.


Over to You  

Are you not following the above onboarding strategies yet? Well, you are missing the boat!

Start transforming your employee's journey with an excellent onboarding experience today.  


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