Rekrooting Boosted the Allied Healthcare Workforce of one of the Most Esteemed Group of Hospitals in the USA


IndustryHealthcare (Allied)

ServiceContingent Workforce Management

About Our Client 

Our client is a worldwide leader in medical care, health, and wellness. They are a one-stop solution for everyone looking to heal their body and want to stay healthy. Our client owns one of the best networks of hospitals in the USA. They have a constant need for healthcare executive staffing solutions. Patients travel to them for their best-in-class treatment and caregiving services. The patients have access to all medical and surgical subspecialties in the network of hospitals that our client offers. This makes them one of the most preferred destinations for people who want excellent treatment. With a wide range of expertise and technology, our client has been serving people for 25+ years!


Our client witnessed a sharp rise in the demand for the allied healthcare workforce after the COVID-19 pandemic. After COVID subsided, people started gradually reverting to the physical mode of treatment for diseases rather than online consultations.

But they didn't want to go for direct hiring to stay cost-effective and ensure flexibility. Instead, our client wanted to hire a team of 45 contingent allied healthcare professionals with different profiles like Nursing Aides, Dieticians, Diabetic Educators, Genetic Counselors, and much more for nine months. 

They were concrete about the certifications of the candidates, niche-specific courses done by them, whether they are vaccinated with all the required vaccines, and if they are physically sound or not. So, it was team Rekrooting's foremost priority to ensure the consultants we would provide to our client meet the above requirements.


After understanding our client's needs precisely, our experienced recruiters started looking for the best candidates. We wanted to provide them with the best healthcare executive staffing solutions. We used effective strategies like the below:

  • Filtering the candidates using the right and relevant keywords
  • Spreading the word in their extensive network of the healthcare niche
  • Sourcing proactively

This helped us develop an excellent and talented pool of contingent allied healthcare professionals. We got them interviewed by our subject matter expert recruiters in the healthcare sector. This helped us find immensely knowledgeable consultants who are worth it! Coming to the candidates' pre-employment healthcare compliances, we ensured that all the procedures and verifications were done soon.

Rekrooting collaborates with not just one but many efficient third-party agencies. They have a record of getting all kinds of healthcare compliance tests done at the minimum possible time. It includes medical screening, visual acuity tests, and physical verification to blood tests. This was why we could quickly place the candidates in our client's place.

Moreover, it won't be worth ending it without mentioning Rekrooting's consistent approach to evaluating our partnered third-party agencies. We ensure their working approach is fast-moving and high-quality. This helped us immensely serve our client at the earliest opportunity and close the project flawlessly.


With Rekrooting's Contingent Workforce Management solution, our client was:

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  • Extremely happy with our fast and driven working approach
  • Pleased with the expertise and experience of all 45 compliant consultants, we placed
  • Excited to extend the term of 35 out of 45 candidates based on their outstanding performance