Rekrooting Inc Recruited Some of the Best Non-Clinical Healthcare Professionals for a Network of Hospitals in the New York City


Industry - Healthcare (Non-Clinical)

Service - Contingent Workforce Management

About Our Client -

Our client has one of the United States' most influential and most respected groups of hospitals in the heart of New York (NY). The hospitals are one of the top ten hospitals in America, with international acclamation for excellence in clinical care. Our client has been recognized for serving one of the most diverse populations across the world for many years. They wanted efficient non-clinical staffing from us.

The network of hospitals has attained much acknowledgement and awareness for its different specialties, which rank nationally. Our client's New York City services include:

  1. Incredibly talented and trained clinical and non-clinical healthcare professionals.
  2. Out-of-the-box care programs and smarter healthcare services for children, adults, seniors, and adolescents.

Challenge -

For some time-based, specifically evolving needs of the hospital, our client wanted to hire 45+ non-clinical healthcare professionals. They tried to hire on a contingent basis for ten months. Our client expected to hire for diverse roles like Clerical Assistants, EVS Floor technicians, Patient Safety Associates, and much more. But their requirement for the contingent workforce hiring was on an urgent basis. They wanted the professionals to join their team as soon as possible and fulfil their non-clinical staffing needs.

Also, our client was particular about the workforce's knowledge base, work experience, and health condition. They wanted to hire only skilled and physically fit people because the hospital prefers quality service to their patients.

Solution -

After understanding our client's requirements, we kickstarted with an engaging and systematic approach. We were proactively looking for the right hires for them. We leveraged our people's combined power of Artificial Intelligence and Human Intelligence to expedite the hiring process. Also, it helped us understand the dynamic working preferences of the non-clinical contingent healthcare workforce. We further reached out to the expert professionals in this niche in an organized way. This helped us do excellent non-clinical staffing for our client.

After we had an efficient team of future non-clinical healthcare workforce with us, we conducted rigorous interviews. This helped us understand their knowledge base about the roles they have been shortlisted for. Also, we analyzed whether they have the proper certifications, completed the required industry-specific courses, and their personalities. And this helped us to filter out the best of the bests for our clients!

After that, it was a crucial time for us when we had to make sure the candidates clear the client's stringent health compliance requirements. As our client needed the workforce to be placed fast, we worked proactively here. We had to ensure quickly that the candidates were physically fit and rightly vaccinated. We confirmed they are perfect for different non-clinical healthcare roles that our client was looking for.

Rekrooting's Exclusive Touch

Typically, it takes a lot of time to get all the required physical examinations, bodily tests, and vaccinations done for the candidates. Still, we could do it swiftly. All thanks go to our collaboration with multiple trusted and efficient third-party agencies.

We evaluate our partnered third-party agencies consistently. This helps us ensure we offer only the best ones to our consultants that work fast and precisely. This is one of the primary reasons we could deliver our client a quick service.

Moreover, we understand that specific tests like TB Tests (QuantiFERON or TSPOT)/Skin Tests, Drug Tests, etc., are very time-consuming. They require constant follow-ups with prospective candidates and third-party agencies daily. We care a lot about and understand the high significance of health compliances of our healthcare clients. Thus, we have trained and qualified our onboarding team to be experts in dealing with such situations. That's why team Rekrooting was able to maintain the turnaround time and close the project in time.


Outcome : 

  • Our client was thrilled with our high-end service
  • We could place 50 highly efficient, experienced, and physically fit contingent non-clinical healthcare professionals at our client's hospital
  • Our client praised us for our prodigious networking with many great third-party agencies. Those agencies helped fulfil their requirement speedily.