87% of healthcare recruitment experts say that excellent onboarding practices play a very significant role in retaining the best healthcare talents.  

You might have come across those employees who are first eager to work for your practice, but they leave after just a month. Have you? Well, 67% of healthcare recruitment agencies complain that many candidates seem excited and encouraged to receive an offer. But despite a substantial compensation package and an interestingly positive work culture, they cannot retain new hires. 

 So, the challenge for most healthcare recruiting companies is the need for a perfect onboarding strategy. And in this blog, we will talk about how a healthcare recruitment agency can transform its healthcare recruitment strategies to craft the best onboarding practices that keep employees happy.  

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What are the Proactive Onboarding Practices to Keep Your Healthcare Staff Consistently Content? 


As they say, the first impression is the last! According to Glassdoor, healthcare establishments with a solid onboarding process improve employee retention by 82% and productivity by more than 70%. However, those with weak onboarding programs lose new employees right in the first year of employment. So, whether you are restructuring the onboarding process of your healthcare staffing agency or crafting it for the first time, you should consider the below crucial practices:  

Have a Healthcare Onboarding Checklist 

Having an onboarding checklist consistently helps transform healthcare specialist staffing solutions! It helps organize the healthcare recruitment strategy for the first few days of any new hire in a company. Thus, the new hires don’t fear getting lost along the way.  

When welcoming new employees to the healthcare sector, healthcare staffing services must take care of many crucial things to ensure everyone knows what is expected. There are various critical factors like the compliance aspect, physical and psychological well-being of the candidates, and a lot more! So, creating a checklist will help you track all required paperwork, compliance training, etc. First, start by providing lists to healthcare new hires, which comprise all the training, tools and resources they need to begin their new role. This checklist puts your new healthcare hires in the best possible position to succeed by helping them get accustomed to their new role and environment.  


So, if you are a healthcare recruitment process outsourcing agency, make sure you have a practical+ onboarding checklist to impress the candidates and your clients. However, if you think your new hires still need help adjusting to the new working environment despite having an onboarding checklist, you need to evaluate that. And ensure you are following this by adjusting your process to address any issues.  


Welcome New Hires before First Day  

Onboarding begins right at that moment when an individual accepts an offer. So, it’s your responsibility to make them feel welcome from that time. So, ensure you reach out to your healthcare candidates before their first day. Close contact will reinforce a fantastic relationship between the institution and new hires. This will give them an idea of what to expect from day one.  

It is always a brilliant idea to outline the first week of your new hires on the job. A plan for the onboarding plan of healthcare employees includes:  


  • An ideal healthcare mentor who can help candidates learn the ropes 
  • Orientation – This includes training for new hires on new medical processes and systems, getting accustomed to electronic medical records, departments and shifts that the employees might work, and other mandatory training required for the new hires.  


Planning the first few days of your new healthcare hires is exceptionally crucial. And it needs your instincts and understanding to craft those days, not just any healthcare recruitment software.  


Keep the Security High 

The healthcare sector has many effective ways of managing employee data. Paper files are no longer standard because it becomes very challenging as the organization grows and expands. Instead, having a cloud-driven onboarding platform is the key. You can store the sensitive information of your new hires in a cloud-centric central repository that is Soc 2 Type 2 compliant. It will enable you to become solid stewards of your new hires’ personal information and access it easily whenever required.  

Offer a Personalized Experience 

Every healthcare organization is unique, with its brand name, mission, and values. So, if you want to practice effective onboarding, you should instil the real essence of your organization in your new hires through your onboarding efforts.  

Make it a habit to demonstrate your mission, values, and culture through videos during onboarding. For example, you can have staff interviews, one-on-one meetings with the CEOs, glimpses of company events, and so on. These videos will help new hires understand your organization’s culture while joining. And it will further boost their engagement and satisfaction levels.  

Moreover, you can further customize the onboarding practice of your new hires by tailoring it per individual department, role, and location. If you offer role-specific information during onboarding, it will give confidence to your new hires to hit the work with 100% confidence. You should include the following: 

  • Policies and procedures 
  • Time management details 
  • The scope of the patient population 
  • Other significant insights in your onboarding session 

Summing Up

Do you want not just to hire but retain the best healthcare talents? 


Don’t forget to follow the above onboarding strategies, and you will surely succeed. 83% of healthcare recruitment agencies worldwide, including Rekrooting, believe the above onboarding strategies are simply extraordinary! Ready to implement these winning ideas? 


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