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The Future of Healthcare Staffing: Reasons Why It's a Top Priority in 2023  

Healthcare staffing solution is a challenging process, and the current scenario has made it difficult for the healthcare staff to find a job. The hospitals and healthcare leaders are on a mission to navigate the turbulence in the healthcare sector in 2023. 

The future of healthcare staffing is crucial and challenging because 85% of the health leaders state that there would be a major impact on the strategy. Hence, the current status of healthcare staffing is the shortages of medical staff have led to causing strain in the hospitals. Despite all the efforts to alleviate this shortage, issues continue to rise. The major shift in the staffing future of healthcare staffing exists in the affordability factor, shrinking margins, and ongoing supply. Additionally, talent emergencies, turnover, and staff shortages are also the major result of healthcare staffing. The reason is that healthcare workers have now started to focus on mental peace.   

To deal with such shortages a professional staffing agency plays a crucial role. In the year 2022 then the healthcare staffing industry witnessed a shock where the labor cost was pushed due to inflation. The competition for recruitment in the healthcare sector has led many companies to hire professionals for registered nursing jobs.

The Healthcare Staffing Scenario in 2022   

Due to the pandemic scenario, many healthcare workers faced burnout and they are still healing from the mental stress. As per the New England Journal of Medicine, 40% of healthcare professionals feel burnout symptoms. While in the year 2021, healthcare recruitment recovered 7500 new healthcare jobs on average, monthly. According to data from the Department of Health and Human Services more than 75% of the beds got occupied in December 2022.    

The Current State of Healthcare Staffing Solutions   

As discussed above there exists an issue with nursing jobs. Hospitals face nursing staff shortages and crises are going on in the healthcare sector. With 3.1 million registered nurses in the US The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that there will be more than 1.2 million nurses by 2030 required for the aging baby boomer population as the current nurses start to age. Healthcare staffing is expected to reach $89.9 Billion by the year 2031.  

The Current State of Healthcare Staffing Solutions


Reasons Why There is a Huge Demand for Healthcare Staffing?   

There are various reasons for the increasing demand for healthcare staffing. Due to the recently aging population, including the baby boomers, people require more attention. As the demand for healthcare professionals increases the reason.   


healthcare-staffing-market in 2023


Nurse shortage   

As stated by the American Association of Nursing (AACN) as per the data, until 2026 the country will need 200,000 new nurses each year to replace the retiring ones. It can also be seen that there is an increase in the number of enrollments in nursing programs, yet it is not enough to meet demands. In some cases, travel nurses can be a great option to fill temporary shortages. Some nurses rather than remaining in primary care move to specialized areas to fulfill the highest need.   

Shortage of physician   

The physicians also have seen dramatic shortages. However, when you search for a specialist can be a challenging task. Healthcare recruitment allows a greater number of physicians to enter into specialized fields. Since the demand for physicians is high because they are the ones to see more patients. Hence, the lack of qualified people in this area is extremely problematic.    

The market for healthcare staffing is expected to reach $89,763.9 million by 2031. It has grown at a compound annual growth rate of 8.9% from 2022 to 2031.  

Attrition ratio    

The healthcare staff feel stressed due to long hours of work and spare time is spare. Hence it becomes difficult for them to manage their personal life and professional life. Consequently this leads to excessive burnout for healthcare professionals. Dealing with long hours is normal in the case of healthcare solutions which makes it difficult for healthcare professionals. For a few of the healthcare employees, long hours are normal and the professionals work for 16 hours per week.     

North America Holds the Largest Share of the Healthcare Staffing Market   

In the year 2021, North America become the primary contributor to the healthcare staffing market. Due to the high proportion of locals present in the market. Consequently, this surge in demand for healthcare led to deficit of hospital staff, so the organizations contacted recruitment agencies to fill their roles. The European Commission estimated that by the year 2025, there will be a large number of healthcare professionals employed in the healthcare sector. The number would be 24,009,000 professionals and half of them would be anticipated to retire and leave the industry.    

Strategies to Restore Healthcare Professionals  

  • Alerting people by giving them the right knowledge and resources to remain healthy consequently they can lower the need for medical services.   
  • Make online degrees accessible to the general public but these courses require practical training and practice. This training can be completed with classroom work.   
  • Hire more healthcare professionals.   

A Rundown Through the Healthcare Trends   

The recent changes in the demographics are the major factors contributing to the surging demand for healthcare staffing. There will be a need for a large number of healthcare professionals in the coming future and it may be difficult for healthcare recruiting companies to bring professionals on board. At that time, they can get the help of staffing agencies and recruit professional healthcare staff. 

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