The staffing industry is about people management and establishing good relationships with clients, candidates, and colleagues. However, managing the best relationships with your clients is difficult. The staffing pros across different human experience platforms say that managing client relationships is one of the most critical areas where there is still considerable scope for further development and training. It is something that is still not perfect in the staffing industry!  

So, if you belong to the staffing industry, it is high time you focus more on your client staffing solutions. To do this, the first and foremost thing that you need to do is to become your clients’ all-time favorite. And in this article, we will discuss some practical tips for that!  

91% of staffing companies across the USA believe that developing excellent relationships with clients is absolutely possible through the ways below. 

Sounds interesting? 

Let’s dive in 

Be Honest to Your Clients  

 Do you want to make your staffing company an invaluable asset to your clients?  

 We have surveyed many staffing experts, and we have always got the same response from them: be honest. Though it is complex or easy to ensure this consistently, you must do it! Sometimes there can be difficult situations. For example, there can be such scenarios when you have to express a hard truth to your clients like they need to increase their payment to candidates to become more competitive. How do you handle those? Are you confused about whether to express the reality to them? Will it offend your clients?  

 Well, don’t be bewildered. Just face it. It is worth having these complex conversations with your clients. Because the result of it will be your staffing agency becoming your clients’ trusted partner in the long run. Your clients rely upon you as their companion to find the best candidates who can bring value to their organization. So, it’s your responsibility to make sure you let them know what should be done from their end to attain such results. They will trust you and be thankful if your views are backed with relevant, proven data and analytics.  

 So, if you think your client is offering a low salary or has very stringent requirements, narrowing their options abruptly, let them know this. It will help your clients make necessary adjustments, and they will surely be pleased with your dedication and meticulousness.  

 Go for Website Feedback Forms  

 Want to meet your clients’ expectations all the time? Then it’s significant to know what you can do better for them than what you are doing. One of the most effortless and more intelligent ways to do that is to have feedback forms for your clients on your website. It will make them share their experience effectively.  

As a cherry on the cake, you can post positive client comments or feedback on your website as testimonials. This will boost your brand authenticity and brand value. However, in case of negative feedback, you must take proactive steps to address their problem as soon as possible with a timely service recovery process.  

 Stay Transparent 

 Staffing is a lot about knowing your clients and understanding what they want. But it is also essential to remain open and transparent to your clients, starting from client onboarding. If you deal with transparency with your clients, it will eventually help your staffing agency become your clients’ favorite.  

You should open yourself to your clients and let them know your strategies and culture. This will help them understand what makes your people tick! There is no right or wrong way to lead your staffing agency, but if you can open it up to your clients, it brings the best collaborations. So, be transparent with your clients, which will surely help you build extraordinary relations! 

 Avoid Candidate Rejection  

 Two-thirds of the senior executives across the staffing industry say that applicants perform well in their interview process, get selected, and are offered a job. Then they often turn down the position. Isn’t it an extremely frustrating experience for your client and you too? You have invested so much time and with nothing to show.  

So, as your client’s strategic staffing partner, it is your responsibility to address the issues that your clients’ current processes have. Also, you should aim to streamline it. This will help you reduce the risk of losing the best talents at the final hiring stage.  

If you have a swift recruitment process, it will mean that your competitors won’t get a chance to step in and secure the applicant. Further, it will minimize the risk of your clients’ suffering from a negative candidate experience. It shouldn’t be a deciding factor for them while evaluating your staffing agency. Overall, the more efficient your pipeline will be, the happier your client will be.  

Are you ready to become your clients’ favorite staffing agency? So, what are you waiting for? Take the above steps proactively, and you will earn your clients’ trust in no time. Just ensure that you are consistent with your efforts.  

Happy clients, Happy you!  

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