Client Acquisitions in Staffing Industry have become a lot smarter in 2022. Like the tremendous influence of social media in every business sphere we have seen in the last few years, Client Acquisition has also been primarily benefited. Do you know which social channel has transformed today's Client Acquisitions concept?  

It's LinkedIn!  

LinkedIn Business Development is the talk of the town now. You need to buck up if you haven't leveraged its benefits for your company! 61% of companies say that they have boosted their relations and repo with their clients via LinkedIn's exclusive sales tool LinkedIn Sales Navigator. 

However, today in this blog, we will talk about using LinkedIn Sales Navigator to accelerate the Client Acquisitions of the staffing industry to which Rekrooting belongs. Read on to explore how the BD teams of staffing agencies can make the most out of the LinkedIn Sales Navigator. But before we dive, let's check out the basics first. 

Which Attributes of LinkedIn Sales Navigator Can Transform a Staffing Agency's Business Development? 

There are five core and unique functions of LinkedIn Sales Navigator, which can help any workforce staffing agency to revolutionize its business development. At Rekrooting, we have practical experience in doing that so we can vouch for this. 

  • The search functionality is fantastic, which helps BD professionals identify clients, influencers, and industry experts depending on their industry type, company size, job title, and so on 
  • The customized feed helps you update the Sales Navigator with your preferences, like who you are interested in, based on factors like the size of the company, industry, and location 
  • You can easily save your key target prospects to lists within the Sales Navigator 
  • The Sales Navigator omits all the junk out of your feed and showcases only such content and news to you that are relevant to prospects, companies, and industries your BD professionals are interested in 
  • The Sales Navigator also suggests new and unique leads to your BD team to expand your business reach 


How Can the Search Capability of LinkedIn Sales Navigator Help Staffing Agencies' Client Acquisitions Teams? 


The search capability of LinkedIn Sales Navigator can help your BD team understand whom to target. If you explore the LinkedIn Sales Navigator search option, you will find all the basic crucial insights there. 

The BD team of any staffing agency can look for prospective companies looking for skilled talents based on the company's size, location and industry, and different job titles. This means that they can target exactly such people whom they want. 

Moreover, the LinkedIn Sales Navigator also automatically suggests titles and shows how many companies or people fit your prospective clients' criteria. This will help you quickly and comprehensively analyze your potential market in just an hour! 

To be more creative, you must go beyond that by searching for people or companies by their groups, keywords in the content they post in their profiles, and so on. The BD professionals can look for a wide range of people from their 1st, 2nd, to 3rd-degree connections. 

So, if you combine the search options, you get some potent targeting options. Right? It widens your possibilities for finding effective targets by many folds. Finally, with this, you can easily find common ground based on which you can make a warm approach. 

The LinkedIn Sales Navigator gives you many options to access the profiles of prospective companies/people you couldn't otherwise view. Isn't it far better than the basic LinkedIn searchability? 

How Can the Customized Feed of LinkedIn Sales Navigator Help Boost Your Business Development? 

The LinkedIn Sales Navigator has a specific user interface separate from LinkedIn. If you open it, you will first see a new home page feed with zero curated content. There will be only news and shares from organizations you want as your clients or people you are interested in. 

So, it makes the visibility very clear to you. Furthermore, the BD professionals can apply more filters to just view news relevant to interested companies or people. Also, they can specifically view only the shares by companies or people. 

However, it will take some time for your BD team to set it up the way it is beneficial for business development. They must save the people and companies they want to follow actively. But once it is done, you can see when key prospects post their talent needs, share content, and so on. 

Based on that, you can involve yourself in conversations with your prospective clients, stay more engaged and also ensure you are informed and updated before starting any conversation. 

The Bottom Line 

Many people in different business niches think LinkedIn can be used as an email marketing platform or a salesperson's megaphone. But it's not fundamentally that. LinkedIn is an excellent platform to help you connect better with potential new clients and skyrocket your business development, especially the LinkedIn Sales Navigator. 

So, concentrate on building relationships on LinkedIn, acquire more clients, and amplify your business development with the LinkedIn sales navigator like never before! 

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