In the last decade, Managed Service Provider staffing has become of the most quickly flourishing businesses within the workforce management industry. In the past, MSP staffing was all about the MSPs having many suppliers within their program. But this is not the case anymore! 

Today, you have to prove your staffing agency is one of the top staffing partners in their supply chain to attract the top MSPs. The latest version of MSP recruiting altogether negates working with bottom-performing suppliers. Quality is king now! 

 According to Gartner, 89% of the best MSPs in the USA say that they want to constantly get rid themselves of such suppliers who are not performing well.  

So, if your staffing agency wants to become your MSP partner’s favorite, you must work efficiently and sensibly. And in this blog, we will discuss how you can do that. 

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How Can You Impress the Best MSPs in the USA as a Top-Notch Supplier? 

According to team Rekrooting’s extensive research, analysis, and firsthand experiences, the below strategies can help any staffing agency stay at the top of the MSP stack! The latest statistics say that 76% of recruitment agencies in the USA find these ideas excellent for establishing a solid relationship with MSPs.  

Here we go!  

Response Timely  

If your staffing agency wants to establish an excellent business relationship with your MSP partner, responsiveness is the key! It is a prerequisite for the top MSPs that their suppliers are prompt and receptive. So, if your staffing agency wants to be appreciated by your MSP partners, you need to take care of this fact. If you are responsive enough, it will help you build your credibility. And eventually, you will prove your agency as a perfect staffing partner who is engaged.  


Offer Competitive Rates  

Most MSPs work with multiple suppliers within a program. So, one thing that can help your agency to stay ahead of other suppliers is how rate-competitive you can be. Providing top talents for a competitive rate can make your company one of the MSP’s favorites. After all, the bottom line is the ultimate crucial thing in making any business sense!  


Remain Always Compliant  

Mostly, all MSPs have specific guidelines for their Rules of Engagement, which they have set for their suppliers and hiring managers. As a supplier, it is incredibly crucial for you that you abide by all the compliance norms at all times. If there is any violation, you might face serious repercussions, even contract termination in some austere cases.  

On the other hand, staying compliant will consistently keep you in the good books of your MSP partner. If you look closely, the compliance book is the baseline of the entire MSP ecosystem. This brings transparency, the crux of the whole MSP or Talent Management model. So, suppliers must always stay compliant, assuring that they are never taken away from the basics of the model.  


Take the Strategic Liaison Seriously 

The performance metrics of a supplier alone can’t make them a trusted staffing partner of the top MSPs. Then what can take you to the next level? 91% of staffing suppliers believe that fostering a strategic liaison is extremely important.  

A supplier must understand the real needs and expectations of the MSP, its goals, challenges, competence level, plan for growth and expansion, client KPIs, and other significant hiring needs, etc. And following that, the supplier should help the MSP achieve their desired outcomes.  

This kind of scenario will automatically help a supplier deploy its best talents to meet the performance metrics from the delivery side. Also, they will act as a trusted and valuable advisor from the account management perspective.  


Become a Trusted Advisor of Your MSP Partner  

MSPs want their top suppliers to help and guide them from time to time. So, if you want to become one, be proactive enough to support your MSP partner in every possible way. There are diverse possibilities to do so, from rate analysis of specific jobs, finding the solutions to different challenges of filling positions, to working with them on some niche categories, analysis of skills, and much more.  

You can coach a new person in your team working in the MSP program on how to work with certain hiring managers, request feedback, schedule spotlight calls, and so on. Above all, working closely with the MSP is of utmost importance. You shouldn’t just aim to act as a transactional counterpart of theirs but become a trusted advisor. The kind of advice on which your MSP partner can rely and leverage on.  


The Bottom Line  

The real synergetic association between staffing suppliers and MSPs lies in the above highly effective aspects. So, what are you waiting for? Just consider the above tips and implement them in your MSP partnership model; nothing can stop you from always staying at the top of the MSP charts and becoming one of their best staffing partners.  

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