Why staffing agencies apply emotional intelligence.


  • Emotionally balanced employees bring more value to companies.  
  • Employees with good EQ can take more informed and calculated decisions.  
  • When you are hiring employees focus on their emotional intelligence as well by asking.  


For humans' life is a roller coaster ride where a lot of emotions prevail, but these emotions have to be controlled especially when we are at our workplace. The companies that have staff with higher EQ face less turnover up to 63%. Any professional recruitment firm who has been in the business for years knows the importance of EQ at work. 

Working in any company requires professionalism and a disciplined approach because the workplace is a decent environment. A workplace is a collection of groups of people coming together to work in the same environment. So, this place has to be interesting to accommodate each group of people. 

Deciding whom to hire is wholly the decision of the recruitment solutions service provider because hiring a candidate is not child’s play. It requires a detailed effort and a lengthy resume screening process to finally select one. 

Businesses today have gained access to prolific AI tools that support recruitment and with this, they can enjoy a streamlined process. While hiring any employee there are diverse exemplary traits that a staffing agency should look for in the candidates. Some personality traits can get you hired as an independent thinker. Therefore, today EQ is given a lot of value when hiring any candidate. 

Why Do Staffing Partners Focus on Emotional Quotient While Hiring 

Emotional quotient is the ability with which an individual makes reckoning decisions and manages behavior or social complexities. A person with good EQ can relate to two areas namely personal and social competence.   

Unarguably, every company wants the best teams and the most efficient candidates on board. But often it happens that they are unable to find the best ones who fit the job position. Recruitment firms suggest hiring candidates with emotional intelligence to feel more satisfied at work. A recent study shows that only IQ and technical ability aren’t the only driving forces behind good performance.    

Studies have found that EQ is responsible for two-thirds of workplace performances depending on the emotional quotient whereas technical ability is responsible for only one-third of the performance.   

If you are planning to hire any candidate for the job position, always ask them questions while hiring to check their EQ. A few companies also take an aptitude test to measure the candidates’ EQ level.   

What Are the Emotional Characteristics That You Should See While Hiring a Candidate? 

Emotions, if not channelized properly can make a situation worse. Whether in a job or business, any difficulty can arise at any time and that is the time to compose and take the right decision. As a recruiting firm when you are interviewing someone looks for some specific personality traits   

1. Communication  

Whenever you plan to hire any candidate make a chart in your mind about what type of candidate you want. Make note of how the candidate communicates with you the whole time during the interview. While examining this you can indeed get to know how well they can take the feedback. You can ask them questions to get them engaged in communication. This process will give an idea about if they are emotionally stable and you will understand their temperament   

2. Candidates’ Language  

When an interviewer focuses on the candidates’ language it tells a lot about their emotional quotient. It can show you signs of empathy, positivity, forgiveness, etc. The more specific these languages are, the more specific your understanding will be.   

Emotional intelligence is one such crucial part that gives recruiters a competitive edge over technology in the competitive environment. With time candidates have also become sound to these technologies, they will appreciate the impact that you have made in their minds. You can also record their interview video to watch it afterward and analyze their EQ.  

3. Adaptable to Change  

Getting adaptable to change is also part of emotional intelligence. These characteristics help you deal with all the situations in the workplace. Ask questions to understand if the candidate is adaptable to change. This will eventually assist you in understanding their flexibility in work.   

How Can Any Recruitment Firm Introduce EQ in Its Recruitment Process? 

To make it a part of your hiring process as a strategic staffing solution follow these steps:  

  • Include It in Your Job Description 

In the job description, define clearly the personality traits that you want in your new hire. Try and shift beyond the cliché phrases and be specific about your requirements. This will create a clear picture in the applicants’ minds, and they would know the kind of person you as an RPO are seeking.   

  • Conducting Group Interviews  

Conducting group interviews while hiring will make you understand how a candidate behaves and interacts with people. If he or she addresses everyone in the room. If he or she is making eye contact. The behavioral approach etc.   

  • Observe the Candidate’s Behavior Outside the Interview Room 

As your receptionist observes the candidate outside the interview room. Everyone is on their best behavior when inside the interview room. But a few of them remain professional inside the interview room. Always keep an eye on each applicant when they come to you to give interviews. They might be the best when being interviewed, but checking outside the interview room should also be a part of your hiring process to ensure you hire an emotionally balanced person.     

  • Contact References  

To check the candidate one authentic way is also to get connected to their references from the previous company. The ones who have a work history with the applicant are the best ones to speak about the candidate’s emotional intelligence.   

What Does an Emotionally Intelligent Person Look Like  

  • The person will be focused on their goals.  
  • An emotionally intelligent balanced person is always positive and will work towards solving any problems.  
  • These people hold themselves accountable for every mistake that happens, and they owe up to every mistake to correct it.  

An emotionally intelligent person is not the one who takes the right decision, but they are more than a good worker. They’re the ones on whom they can rely. Even the spirit of being close to these people can play an important role by letting you stay level-headed during difficult situations.   

Consider Your Instinct and Make a Wise Decision 

During the interview, you can gauge through your instinct how emotionally balanced the candidate is. Try not to miscalculate your gut feeling if you notice any difference between the candidates’ body language and their work. Nonetheless, to hire the best person in your team, you can always contact a staffing agency to ease your hiring process. 

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