Industrial and Manufacturing


Our manufacturing staffing services are provided after comprehending clients’ needs. Rekrooting’s staffing services are based on the talents and candidates that are required for manufacturing on-demand, and we work with your internal teams to deliver services and meet your expectations. 

The industrial sector and manufacturing industry have changed in a number of ways. Everything is easy, until you have to start working on developing a manufacturing staffing plan to keep up with the manufacturing staffing model and the new positions' quick expansion.  

When it comes to staffing, we help manufacturers navigate the change in order to meet or exceed their output targets. Our industrial and manufacturing staffing services help companies like yours get beyond these challenges by quickly and efficiently matching you with capable candidates. 


Building Smarter Solutions 

Rekrooting is one of the top companies in the manufacturing and industrial sector for assisting companies with manufacturing staffing. Our mission is to connect companies with a qualified workforce in the manufacturing sector.  

With a team of qualified experts, we have provided manufacturing staffing plan to various sectors. For manufacturing companies in USA, we offer staffing services for roles like assembler coating, painting, and spraying machine operator, fabricator, inspector, light industrial assembler, machine operator, machine tool cutting operator/tender, material handle, and other positions.  

The rise of resources in the manufacturing sector is increasing day by day. We collaborate with clients in the medical, automotive, microelectronics, culinary, and other industries in the USA to develop innovative solutions that address the increasing scarcity of workers in the industrial sector.  

Services with Expertise  

Our team of recruitment specialists is dedicated to offering USA’s best manufacturing staffing services. We thoroughly examine the distinct manufacturing needs of each of our clients and create specialized hiring plans that support their clients’ goals.  

Additionally, we have access to a large network of experts, which enables us to promptly and effectively match our clients with the best candidates.  

Why Choose Rekrooting for Manufacturing Staffing? 

  • Manufacturing staffing services to match talent and business 
  • Specialized team to address your challenges 
  • A streamlined manufacturing staffing plan 
  • For sourcing at scale we use advanced technology 
  • Fast turnaround 
  • Network of manufacturing staffing professionals 

If your workforce lacks a committed and cohesive group of workers, it's time to expand your company. This can be difficult, though, if there are other outside factors preventing your business from realizing its full potential or if the market isn't interested in your product or service. 

To assist your business in overcoming these obstacles and realizing its full potential in situations you might want to look into industrial and manufacturing staffing.   

Bring Your Staffing Together with Our Manufacturing Staffing Services 

We believe every function of the team matters and is essential to the expansion of the company. It is critical to fill the position with the most worthy and prospective candidates who can contribute to expertise and professionalism.  

Following a thorough review of the applications, thorough background checks, several interviews, and assignments, we help you to select the most qualified applicant for a position.  

As a professional manufacturing staffing agency we are dedicated to matching the right and skilled workforce in the manufacturing industry after understanding the client’s business and their needs. Rekrooting efficiently delivers staffing services.  

So far we have assisted various companies in preparing their workforce strategy and plan manufacturing staffing plan. 

Rekrooting: Your One-Stop Solution for the Best Manufacturing Staffing

When you don’t have a strong team of dedicated employees, it’s time to grow your business. This can be challenging, however, if the market isn’t interested in your product or service or there are other external factors that are keeping your business from reaching its potential. In cases like these, you may want to turn to industrial and manufacturing staffing to help your company overcome these challenges and reach its full potential. Read on to learn how an industrial and manufacturing job services company can help you and your business achieve success.

With the help of Rekrooting experts, you can fulfil your requirements. We are serving you the following roles





Machine Operator


 Mechanical Technician



Instrument Technician

and more