Rekrooting Enhanced the Workforce Quality of an IT Consulting Company with Qualified Cloud Specialists


Industry Information Technology (IT)

Service – Contingent Workforce Management

About Our Client 

Our client is an accredited Large-Scale Infrastructure as a Service (IAAS) providing IT consulting company. They deliver an extensive range of intelligent and advanced IT solutions to businesses. Our client aims to reduce overall costs for organizations with their next-level IT services. With this, they aim to enable growth and development. They have extensive experience of 15+ years in providing Business IT Solutions. Our client’s core solutions include Cloud Services, Colocation, Disaster Recovery as a Service, Storage as a Service, Hybrid Cloud, Managed IT, and more.


There is a constantly evolving demand for our client to deliver intelligent Cloud solutions. Our client’s IT consulting company fell short of competent Cloud Experts. They wanted to have professionals with excellent knowledge and hands-on experience with the latest cloud technologies.

  For one of their highly technical and cloud-driven projects, our client was looking to hire ten experienced Cloud Specialists. They wanted the people to have incredible expertise on a contractual basis for 12 months.

Our client was looking for astounding talents who comprehensively understand the revolutionary Cloud technologies. They were prioritizing technologies like Infrastructure as Code, Serverless Framework, Event-Driven Architecture, Microservices, Containers, and so on. Our client was very particular about the qualities they wanted in the candidates. Some of their exclusive needs were:

  1. Proficiency
  2. Real-time working experience on the desired cloud innovations
  3. A good adapting capability to blend with their company culture.

Our client initially wanted to hire directly alone. But soon realized that their in-house recruiting department didn’t have the correct networking and knowledge to find the best talents. In a nutshell, the positions for Cloud Experts were the most hard-to-fill roles of our client’s company.  

So, with an urge to onboard some of the best-skilled Cloud professionals, they reached out to Rekrooting. They reached out to us after exploring our goodwill for IT staffing solutions. Our client was looking for an efficient and fast-paced IT recruiting agency, and we are glad they chose us.  


Our IT recruitment services have been one of our biggest USPs for a long! We have significant years of experience serving hundreds of clients from the IT niche. Thus, we already had a skilled team of IT recruiters ready from Day 1. They were all set to deliver impeccable consulting and staffing services to this client.  

Team Rekrooting first understood and analyzed the client’s challenge precisely; a top-class IT consulting company. Next, it was that specific time for us to go one step ahead. Team Rekrooting first understood and analyzed the client’s challenge precisely; a top-class IT consulting company. Next, it was that specific time for us to go. 

So, our training and development team invited some of the best Cloud Experts to visit us. They shared their valuable insights with our recruiters who were responsible for Cloud team staffing at our client’s place.  

The knowledgeable Cloud Architects empowered team Rekrooting with a thorough understanding of the latest Cloud technologies. They gave them an idea about:

  1. The niche-specific questionnaires
  2. Checklists
  3. Meaning of different Cloud terminologies
  4. The ideal resume sorting keywords
  5. Project evaluation parameters that we should use to filter and interview candidates to find out the best talents


With a straightforward and niche-driven approach, we delivered excellent results to our client. They were very pleased with us. A few of the major highlights of the outcome of our client’s collaboration with us are:

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  1. We successfully placed ten extremely talented contingent Cloud consultants at our client’s IT firm
  2. Our client directly hired 6 out of the ten candidates whom we placed. The client was impressed with their spectacular performance. They directly hired after six months of the contingent period
  3. Our client was extremely impressed with our dedicated and prompt performance. Thus, they exclusively endorsed us as ‘an extraordinary US staffing agency they have ever come across.’