Rekrooting Inc Staffed a Multi-National IT Company with Competent AI and ML Specializing Techies


Industry – Information Technology (IT)

Service – Contingent Workforce Management

About Our Client -

Our client is a leading IT company that aims to change the face of digital transformation remarkably. They have long years of experience in delivering innovative and superior IT services to businesses of different genres. They have been consistently working on several unique and latest technologies and concepts. So, they wanted high-quality IT consulting and staffing services.

Our client's company offers multiple exceptional IT products, services, and extraordinary product engineering. With extensive know-how of traditional and emerging technologies both, our client has been revolutionizing the digital journey of organizations. They have a record of identifying the right technology platforms and delivering the right solutions.

Challenge -

Our client wanted to serve a renowned company belonging to the supply chain industry for six months with the most innovative AI/ML-driven solution. They wanted to help them automate one of their complete inventory management tasks. So, our client was planning to develop digital workers, warehouse robots, autonomous vehicles, etc.

The IT client wanted to hire extremely dynamic contractual AI/ML specialists for that duration. They were looking for masterly knowledge about these revolutionizing technologies. Our client wanted to recruit expert people. Those who have hands-on experience in using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) technologies in the supply chain industry. Hence, our client was looking for mature IT consulting and staffing services.

Some of our client's precise requirements were:

The contingent hires should be able to:

  1. Program AI-driven robots
  2. Keep them in incubation for constant optimization and work on upgrading them consistently
  3. Write algorithms,
  4. Understand the concept of forecasting and prediction.

Also, our client exclusively wanted the consultants to have comprehensive knowledge and experience in working on the most intelligent AI/ML algorithms. Some of the most desired ones were Logistic Regression, Linear Regression, Decision Tree, SVM Algorithm, KNN Algorithm, Naïve Bayes Algorithm, and so on.


As the challenge was specific, we opted for an exclusive IT consulting and staffing solution. We aimed to hire AI/ML specialists with good knowledge of the two remarkable technologies in the supply chain industry. Rekrooting ensured our specialized team of recruiters was working for this client. That team of ours has an IT background and great networking in the IT industry. They are highly qualified and experienced in the IT industry.

Moreover, we continuously empower our IT recruiting team with the latest evolving technologies. A few of the prominent ones are Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Predictive Analytics, and much more. So, team Rekrooting was already ready with their knowledge and expertise to hire the best AI/ML specialists for our client.

They pre-screened the candidates technically. Conducted rigorous technical tests. Sorted the resumes using the right keywords. And finally delivered the most pronounced contingent AI/ML consultants to the client. Finally, we finished all kinds of pre-employment screening like psychometric testing, credit and reference checks, background verification, etc.


To keep up with our recruiters' performance, we evaluate and train them periodically. Thus, we could make our client immensely happy and content with the quality of the candidates. A few remarkable outcomes that Rekrooting could attain for this IT client are:

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  1. Rekrooting successfully placed highly efficient AI/ML specialists who were experts in the latest algorithms of these technologies.
  2. All the contingent consultants were placed with 100% budget satisfaction of the client.
  3. The client exclusively applauded us for the seamless pre-employment support that we provided them