Rekrooting Inc Boosted the Warehouse Workforce at a Remote

US Location for a Leading Distributor Business


IndustryLight Industry -Warehousing

Service Contingent Workforce Management

About Our Client

Our client is one of the world's topmost leaders in the distribution business of electricals, communications, and utilities. The client’s headquarter is located in Dallas, TX, United States. They are a well-known name in the Light Industry sector, with an extensive need to operate massive warehouses across the country. So, they mostly need help from a good manpower hiring agency like us. They offer high-end supply chain services which help businesses navigate through different complexities.

Challenge -

One of the biggest challenges for our client was recruiting skilled warehouse workers in bulk on a contingent basis for 6 months at a remote location, comprising a combined requirement of warehouse associates, Warehouse Safety Supervisors, Forklift Operators/Drivers, Shunt Drivers, Quality Specialists, Inventory Clerks, and much more.

They tried to do direct hiring but our client could not find the required number of competent laborers to work in the remote warehouses where they need the service. Also, it was an exhausting episode for them to conduct all the screening tests, medical tests, and other checks for an enormous group of workers, all on their own. And that's when they reached out to us as we are a premium manpower hiring agency.

Solution -

The efficient, knowledgeable, and proactive team of recruiters at Rekrooting first understood the client's requirement precisely. And then, as an efficient manpower hiring agency, we planned our work of action. We prioritized the most crucial aspect of hiring warehouse workers –  the correct way to reach out to them.

The warehouse workers are not so empowered to curate great resumes, explore social media to find the right jobs, stay accessible on job searching platforms, etc. So, the conventional digital way of finding suitable candidates for this contingent requirement of our client was solely not enough for our recruiters. With their significant expertise and working experience in this industry, our team was clear from the inception that they have to craft a more personalized strategy to search for warehouse workers who can be placed at remote locations.

So, based on the demographic analytics and insights from our marketing team, local agents, and partners, our people arranged multiple job fairs and put up physical banners promoting those events at the remote location of our client's warehouse and nearby public hotspots.

This way, team Rekrooting could reach out to suitable candidates. As we did rigorous physical promotions, we saw vast numbers of folks turning up at the job fairs. Also, mouth-to-mouth marketing has worked great for us to attract those workers to the job fairs. As it was an on-spot job offer for the candidates, we got many entries starting from the Day 1 of each fair!

Most of them were competent enough for the roles as we planned our hire at the right location while keeping our requirements clear. Moreover, before handing the candidates to our client, we conducted all kinds of background tests, drug tests, health screenings, etc.

Outcome -

We met our client's expectations by placing the required number of warehouse workers that our client needed at the remote location; in all the roles per our client's demand. We truly proved ourselves as the best manpower hiring agency. The results that we generated for our client were: