The last decade has seen enormous transformations in the American manufacturing industry. The staffing professionals anticipating filling the vast array of manufacturing jobs have faced mounting challenges. Recently, the COVID-19 pandemic has revealed the utmost significance of the manufacturing industry in terms of the safety and national security of people worldwide. And with that, the demand for manufacturing staffing has increased remarkably.

In this article, we will discuss various manufacturing staffing trends for 2022 that are transforming that industry.

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Retire Workers are Increasing Open Positions

The manufacturing industry is facing a drastic shortage of labor. According to a skill gap study conducted by Deloitte and The Manufacturing Institute, 89% of manufacturing executives in this industry believe there has been a talent shortage in the US manufacturing sector since 2015.

Because of this reason, it is anticipated that new jobs in the manufacturing industry will grow to 1.96 million workers by 2028. Moreover, 2.6 million Baby Boomers working in the manufacturing industry will retire in the next decade. This means that 2.4 million jobs may remain unfilled in 2028. So, manufacturing staffing services are revolutionizing so that maximum candidates can be placed as soon as possible.

The manufacturing industry's staffing leaders need to prepare to replenish a retiring workforce quickly. One of the best options in manufacturing recruiting is that the senior workers should train juniors to become mentors. This will boost older worker retention. Another fantastic option that the staffing industry should consider is looking for more older workers who expect to transition to a part-time job after retirement.

These two ways allow manufacturing companies to retain skilled laborers and source new talents.

Technology-Driven Skills are in High Demand

Manufacturing operations are shifting tremendously nowadays. It is no anymore only about manual and human-powered processes. Instead, technology-fueled and automated procedures are on rising.

The use of 3D printing, smart devices, AI, robotics, 5G, Quantum Computing etc. is transforming the daily work in the manufacturing industry. So, the need for science, technology, engineering and mathematics is increasing. Thus, today's manufacturers are no longer only looking for skilled professionals but technically sound talents. Hirers are sourcing more candidates with good technical knowledge in the manufacturing industry.


Role of Diversity and Inclusion in Manufacturing Staffing

Another positive staffing trend in the manufacturing industry is the increased focus on diversity and inclusion. The recruitment professionals use AI-integrated tools and predictive analytics to predict measure, and remove bias in the hiring process. So, there is a concept of global recruitment in the manufacturing industry in 2022. Talents from all corners of the world are most welcome to this industry.


Candidate Experience is a Priority

Recognition and prioritization of the candidate experience are rising in manufacturing staffing. It's no longer a nice-to-have but a must-have for prospective candidates in the manufacturing industry. In this cut-throat employment market, staffing companies that can keep manufacturing candidates well-engaged throughout the hiring process and provide extraordinary onboarding experience stand out. So, keeping your employees happy is one of the most critical priorities in the modern manufacturing industry.


Hybrid or Remote Work Opportunities

The Manufacturing industry is evolving with many hybrid or remote work opportunities. It is not anymore about conventional 9-to-5 jobs. The staffing firms are looking to fill more hybrid or remote positions. The manufacturing industry has an increased number of such employment. So, when it comes to staffing in the manufacturing sector, hybrid and remote work will evolve much.

The Bottom Line

In the past few years, we have known all about what today's workers expect from their jobs. Especially in the manufacturing sector, labor shortages and emerging technologies have significantly impacted and brought new challenges each day. Thus, it's critical for manufacturing staffing professionals and hiring managers to strategize better for boosting their recruiting, hiring, and retention efforts.

The above trends are impacting this industry significantly, and people follow them continuously. Seriously, the expert and premium workforce management agencies like Rekrooting. Is your staffing agency following the same? If not, make the right move soon!

With these above ideas, the manufacturing staffing industry is evolving in 2022, and the scenario is expected to be the same in the coming years.

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