Our clients

  1. We are our direct clients’ favorite because of our best transparency and efficiency while delivering RPO services.
  1. We have our partners as the best 10+ MSPs across the United States and consistently add many more partners.
  2. Our SOW team is an expert with key deliverables like optimized onboarding, report analysis, performance growth, contingent RPO, etc.


Job Bank / VMS

  1. We receive clients’ job requirements; our platform categorizes them using its most intelligent algorithm and appoints our best recruiters to work on it
  2. As we work with top-notch MSPs, we know how to use diverse VMS like FieldGlass, Beeline, Wand, etc.


Traditional Sourcing Program 

  1. Our recruiters know the standard recruitment process and are comfortable using all possible job portals like Dice, Monster, Career Builder, Indeed, Zip Recruiters, LinkedIn Recruit, and much more
  2. Our expert digital marketing team runs online job campaigns from time to time to find the best talents for our clients
  1. Our proactive team finds hidden talents by running advanced technical screening to build a readily available candidate database, helping us challenge our competitors on quick TAT.


AI as ATS 

Automated Applicant Tracking System to make the hiring process faster

  1. Artificial Intelligence omits all possible human errors in scrutinizing candidates
  2. More competent resume evaluation with AI-powered ATS
  3. Effective tracking and analyzing recruitment points for an empowered hiring process.


HI as SMEs 

  1. Our people are experts in what they do
  2. They use their experience, knowledge, and strategies for excellent hiring
  3. Our intelligent SMEs understand our clients’ requirements very precisely


Sub-Contractors Channels 

  1. Some of our partners are the best sub-contractors to help us acquire the best consultants
  2. We constantly verify the work and authenticity of our sub-contractors
  3. The sub-contractors we partner with work in all industries that we serve


SME Vetting 

  1. Our experienced industry subject matter experts take up the task after our recruiters propose candidates to fill open jobs
  2. Our Candidate vetting process through our SMEs in RPO services is very detailed oriented. It is Rekrooting’s value-added USP for our existing clients


Top Talent Pool to be Proposed

  1. To offer the best resource fitment to our clients’ projects, we have combined technology and human skills in our platform
  2. The series of automation-driven complex algorithms and our stakeholders like experienced Recruiters, SMEs, Digital Marketing Team, and Pro-Active and Passive recruitment team work hand in hand. It is our“mantra for success


AI + HI Platform, along with omnichannel sourcing & SME vetting


  1. We bring together the power of automation and human intellect
  2. Artificial Intelligence (AI) + Human Intelligence (HI) work together for effortless and effective RPO services
  3. AI + HI is the winning formula for our people to select the best candidates