The COVID-19 pandemic has drastically affected different arenas of the modern world, let alone the staffing industry. As we are in the post-pandemic era now, businesses often struggle to manage the workforce in their workplaces due to several strategic hurdles. Also, there is a very adverse shortage of operational governance structures nowadays.

To solve these problems, the concept of Managed Service Provider staffing or MSP staffing has transformed immensely in 2022. A good MSP partner who can provide flawless and effective MSP recruiting services has become a desired go-to partner for most businesses to scale faster and better.

The most ingenious MSP recruitment solutions of 2022 are expected to provide global companies with innovative ways to improve their workforce management. The role of modern MSP in recruitment is to ensure the highest transparency through new processes. This idea is encouraged more in 2022 to streamline various aspects of talent management, turning them into invaluable corporate assets.

This blog will talk about the best and evolving MSP trends of 2022 that will completely transform the staffing industry in 2022 and in the years to come.

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  What are the Most Effective MSP Trends of 2022?            


  All About Being Analytics Driven

MSPs go hand-in-hand with VMS (Vendor Management System). In 2022, they are creating more value together. With an increased affinity for data and analytics, analyzing clients’ workforce management is beyond historical information.

Undoubtedly, some of the biggest challenges for the modern staffing industry lie in modelling and predictive analytics, trend forecasting, churn analytics, and visualization. Also, there are enormous constraints related to the shortage of data and timeframe.

But MSP recruitment in 2022 involves real-time analytical insights, which help them understand the talent gaps more. The insightful data enables staffing MSP providers to ensure better talent pools and get groups of candidates ready for each job type, skill set type, geographical location, competency ranking, and so on.

Also, today’s MSPs can anticipate their clients’ concerns more precisely nowadays because of their data-backed approach. This, in turn, is helping MSPs in the USA craft more personalized services.


Better Compliance and Risk Management

With the rise of the digital landscape in today’s workplaces, the concept of compliance is much more enhanced now. This scenario is more engrossed, especially on the premises of the gig economy.

Keeping this scenario in mind, the entire staffing industry, especially MSPs, is aligning their idea of recruitment with ML-driven techniques. In 2022, there is a good fit between MSPs and innovative technologies. This revolutionary combination is laying a path for better control mechanisms, risk mitigations, and contractual compliances at this time.

Moreover, staffing MSPs are prioritizing new worker classifications and labor laws and policies in 2022. These developments are helping MSPs to revamp and refine their hiring and recruitment ideologies.


Transformed Talent Productivity KPIs

Remember the school report card for your kids? Like it, talent productivity scores can either please or annoy you. But MSPs are no more using the age-old formula to calculate that in 2022. They don’t just divide talents’ total output by total input to determine the productivity value. MSPs have now realized that there is no one size fits all method for measuring talent productivity.

Also, with time, new metrics are emerging with the advancement of technologies and database management systems. So, now in2022, MSPs don’t think there is one sure-shot KPI across different workforce segments. Instead, expert insights and data analysis significantly customize productivity KPIs for different workforce categories.

This is why more and more MSPs rely on innovative online assessment tools. These tools accelerate MSPs’ process of attracting the best talents to their client companies with a much more transparent and inclusive approach.


Smarter VMS Solutions

MSPs are now more interested in leveraging the power of advanced VMS, which provides them with complete visibility of workforce management. They are making the most of the enhanced automation that today’s intelligent VMS solutions offer, helping them better manage the workforce.

With effective VMS solutions in 2022, MSPs can meet their KPIs efficiently within the stipulated time frame. The efficiency of MSPs in 2022 is enhanced by the use of smarter VMS in the below aspects:

  1. Sourcing talents
  2. Managing projects
  3. Generating Invoices
  4. Onboarding and off-boarding techniques
  5. Identifying new opportunities
  6. Extending employees’ contracts
  7. Administering expenditures


Focus on Automation and Enhanced Data Security

MSPs are using automation to increase their efficiency remarkably. In this cut-throat competitive era, the MSPs are always in need of better management to satisfy their demands. Automation is helping them to enhance the role of employees in performing higher-value tasks.

With an increased focus on solution-driven offerings, different forms of workforce automation are now taking place in the MSP sector like operations, security, billing, etc. With automated sourcing, the HR team can now build a solid base for any job search and figure out better quality candidates to create an enriched talent pool.

Moreover, the focus on data security is also much more enhanced now in the MSP sector. As malicious attempts to steal sensitive information are constantly on the rise, data security is growing as one of the significant trends in 2022. MSPs continuously look for innovative ways to protect their resources and block attempts.


The Bottom Line 

In 2022, the MSPs will have a more strategic approach to workforce management. The above MSP trends are creating a remarkable impact in the staffing industry. Don’t you think they can have a transformative effect on the entire concept of talent management? Let us know in the comment section below!


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