The story of our consulting company, Rekrooting, revolves around our people, clients, and partners. People who are experts in what they do and passionate about transforming the modern business environment. Clients whose needs are our utmost priority. Partners who consistently work hand-in-hand with us to meet our organizational goals in the perfect way ever.  

With these three foundational pillars, Dash Technologies was established in 2010. Rekrooting started functioning as the flagship program of Dash Technologies to transform the workforce management industry. We soon established ourselves as a consulting company. Rekrooting, as a consulting company, had both onshore and offshore entities from inception.  

The motivation for Amit Bhavsar, President of Rekrooting, and Shani Bhavsar, CEO/CTO of Rekrooting, behind the expansion of Dash Technologies’ expertise in the workforce management industry in the form of Rekrooting is inspiring. After attaining immense success in the IT business, they realized there is a consistent insufficiency of an efficient workforce in today’s evolving business landscape. There works dissatisfaction among candidates when they look for a ‘perfect’ job for themselves.  

65% of IT companies in the US claim that it is difficult to find the right talent pool for the roles they offer. On the other hand, 75% of candidates believe that a good recruitment agency plays a significant role in securing a job that matters.  

So, with an aspiration to smartly solve both of these challenges together, Dash Technologies came up with the idea of Rekrooting. We wanted to build one of the best total staff management solutions for all types of businesses. We aimed to serve everyone, from startups to Fortune 500 companies. Also, we wanted to serve today’s workforce by making their job search process more manageable. And we are proudly achieving this goal today!  

Our Journey & Milestones


As Rekrooting started advancing year by year, we have achieved several milestones which we are pleased about:


1. Dash Technologies was incorporated in The year 2010


2. Gradually, it became a holy grail for us to put our step into the workforce management industry; so, we initially started serving state and federal clients only 


3. After attaining great success, we were urged to grow more, and that’s when Rekrooting took its first baby step in 2017


4. Rekrooting started its journey under the expertise of Mr., Hiren Patel, Vice President (US Staffing), and one of the core members of our company. He is also one of the best brains in this industry


5. We curated our end-to-end candidate lifecycle management platform in 2018


6. As we started working for diverse clients and continued to enhance our team by having key experts with us, Dash Technologies Inc. (Rekrooting) was named in the list of 5,000 fastest growing companies in the USA in 2019


7. We built a team of subject matter experts in the same year by grounding up and developing all possible departments

 Rekrooting Didn’t Stop Here; We Went Beyond

1. Rekrooting further expanded its talent management solutions with a 100% client satisfaction rate by placing 150+ consultants in the Light Industry segment. It started working with the five best MSPs across the US. That’s how we were ranked #2 in the Midwest Inc. Magazine in the same year


2. Rekrooting attained more growth and started working for several high-end IT and Healthcare clients in the year 2020 and brought some more MSPs and direct clients to work with.


3. Rekrooting continued to provide best-in-class, quick, and efficient Contingent Staffing and Direct Staffing solutions in 2021, along with spreading our offshore unit with 100+ employees to serve the volume capacity


4. To keep up with the latest trends in the workforce management industry, we started revolutionizing our working approach with the combined power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) + Human Intelligence (HI)in the year 2022


5. We also placed over 600 consultants in all industries from Warehousing, Healthcare, Industrial & Manufacturing, and pharmaceuticals to Engineering and Technology, Call Center and Customer Support, Retail, and much more in 2022; leveraging our extensive niche-specific experience and innovative technologies


Our journey doesn’t stop here; we aim to keep adding more feathers to our hat in the coming years.


What’s Coming Up Next in Rekrooting?


Our business intelligence, research, and analysis are ready to expand us as a manpower agency across the US. Rekrooting is also committed to serving businesses in neighboring countries like Canada and Mexico. So, we are thinking big and getting bigger each day!