We strive to transform the world with the winning formula of Artificial Intelligence + Human Intelligence by making a remarkable difference with the best of intelligent automation, empowering our people, clients, and partners. 


Our Clients and Candidates are Our Priority

Our success in professional staffing is directly dependent on the success of our clients, who need talented candidates. We consider ourselves successful only when our clients and candidates are; thus, we invest intensely in both.


We Strive to Exceed – Not Just Meet – Expectations

Merely satisfied is not sufficient. Our goal with every interaction is to have people receive what they may not have expected. Doing this requires putting our clients' and candidates' interests ahead of our own and truly understanding their ultimate objectives.


Professionalism is an Integral Part of Us

Our commitment to professionalism is a necessary tenant for our company's growth. We work with our clients through every hiring process and are proud to have over a 75% resource renewal.   


Performance is critical

To whom much is given, much will be expected. Performance is our measuring stick, reflecting the merits of each individual's contribution to our organization. But per our first core value, how we treat our clients and candidates and what we achieve for them is the accurate measure of our performance.


We Value Diversity

Diversity's real value is its positive impact on shaping a dynamic and highly collaborative environment. With many skilled recruiters from varied backgrounds, we can provide our clients and candidates with a rich and intelligent consultative approach.


We Never Stop to Learn and Develop

We always strive to keep learning and developing so that we can hire and mould the very best in the professional staffing industry. Our careful cultivation and rigorous training give our associates a unique, competitive edge in the recruiting marketplace.


REKROOTING demands the utmost Trust, Respect, and Reliability from our clients and candidates.

As a means of ensuring we continue to provide the highest quality of service in professional staffing, every member of the REKROOTING team upholds above mentioned values.