Creating a culture of Trust, Unity, and Dedication


Trust, Unity, and Dedication are the primary pillars of carving customer success

Rekrooting Vision and Mission started with keeping above pillars in center of business.

In this highly demanding and competitive world, I have observed that even the most outperformed businesses are lacking with adequate manpower. Our passion is to match the right skillful resource to right opportunity has helped us to create many success stories in the human resource business.

Our unity and diverse culture with strong dedication is coupled with creating long lasting client-candidate relationship.

We pride ourselves in being as equal opportunity employer. Our workplace is welcoming diversity as we are seeing diversity as fuel to employee and so customer success.

If you wish to find out more and bring leverage to your business with our prime services, we are here to help.

Amit Bhavsar

Dash Technologies

Email : amit@rekrooting.com


Redefining the power of our people is the mantra that shapes the culture of Rekrooting.


Our out-of-the-box company culture is about creating an extremely agile, communicative, and collaborative environment at the organizational level, primarily known for its transparency, rectitude, steadiness, and ideologies.


We believe that being a people, purpose, and performance driven organization since our inception has always helped us stay enriched and deliver memorable client experiences. The ten strongest foundational pillars which build our culture and make us what we are today are:


  1. Inclusion in Diversity (Bias based on religion, race, or anything else is a big NO-NO for us!)
  2. Cultural Entertainment at the workplace for a perfect balance between work and play
  3. The Mental Well-being of our people is our utmost priority
  4. Flexible Work Timings for a better work-life balance for our people
  5. With an Open-Door policy; our leaders encourage open communication, feedback, and discussion about any matter of importance
  6. Encouraging mutual respect at the workplace irrespective of the roles people are playing
  7. Continuous learning and empowering opportunity for our people
  8. We are environmentally aware. We support the 'Go Green' approach for a healthier environment in the future
We were, are, and will always be proud, content and happy with our above cultural essence! Does our culture interest you? Are you excited to join the team Rekrooting? Let's connect soon!


We don't talk the walk; we walk the walk. 

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