Rekrooting Hired an Efficient Contingent Workforce for a Premium Hospital in New Jersey 


Industry– Healthcare (Non-Clinical) 

Service – Contingent Staffing 

About Our Client 

Our client is one of the top healthcare leaders in the USA. Located in New Jersey, our client’s hospital has been ranked #1 by the US News & World Report for five consecutive years. Our client is a nationally acclaimed leader in Cardiology and Heart Surgery, Orthopedics, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Geriatrics, Pulmonology and Lung Surgery, Gastroenterology and GI Surgery, and Urology. 

They are the only hospital in New Jersey named one of America’s TOP 50 Best Hospitals for seven consecutive years by Healthgrades. Also, Newsweek has ranked our client’s hospital as one of the World’s Best Hospitals, having the rank of 46th best hospital in the United States and #1 in New Jersey. With their outstanding contribution to supporting patients with the best healthcare and wellness facilities, our client has a fantastic record of serving the healthcare industry in the US for 25 long years! 


Recently, our client witnessed a sharp rise in the urge for a group of 40 efficient non-clinical healthcare professionals in diverse roles. They were looking for excellent and proficient contingent staff to fill some of the most prominent roles in the hospital, like Registered Nurses, EVS Floor technicians, Clerical Assistants, Patient Safety Associates, and much more. Our client wanted to hire these candidates urgently for 12 months to meet the increasing rush of critically ill patients seeking extensive treatment. However, they wanted only the best candidates without sacrificing the top deciding factors at all; which were: 

  • The Knowledge Base of the Workforce 
  • Required Certifications 
  • Work Experience 
  • Health Condition 

Our client wanted to recruit only talented, knowledgeable, and fit candidates because the primary objective of their hospital is to provide quality service to their patients. And it is only possible with an efficient and healthy staff. So, their biggest challenge was finding such a perfect team of healthcare talents via contingent workforce staffing! 


After we thoroughly understood our client’s requirement, Rekrooting’s healthcare staffing experts started working on it immediately. Our contingent resource solutions are typically crafted all the time systematically, and for this client, it was exactly the same. 

As our client wanted to hire as soon as possible, we initially planned our contingent solutions focusing on the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Our team did this to expedite the process. After we had sourced a good number of highly skilled healthcare candidates using the innovative approach of AI, our team’s Human Intelligence (HI) came into play to better understand and analyze the candidates. And together with the revolutionary power of AI+HI, we kickstarted crafting the best solution for our premium client as an out-of-the-box contingent staffing agency. 

With this proactive approach, Rekrooting interviewed and shortlisted a group of amazingly skilled and experienced healthcare candidates for all the roles our client was looking for. But this was not the end! To ensure we keep up with our high reputation as a contingent recruiting agency, team Rekrooting took the best care of the most significant part of healthcare staffing, i.e., compliance assessment and assurance.  

Our competent healthcare staffing team scrutinized and explored if the selected candidates had the desired certifications for completing different relevant courses, their overall temperament, and so on. This step helped us sieve the most compatible candidates for our client per their requirements. Moreover, to match the standard healthcare contingent workforce trends, our team did their best to guarantee we finally select only those who meet our client’s compliance needs.; and that too really fast! 

We could finish the compliance tests for our candidates quickly because of our partnership with multiple trusted third-party agencies. This helped us get all the tests and vaccinations done for them within the stipulated timeframe. Moreover, as we constantly evaluate those agencies to keep our contingent workforce outsourcing up to the mark, the compliance test results that we received for the candidates were all perfect. 


Our client was thrilled with the contingency staffing agreement they signed with us. In their words, “collaborating with Rekrooting for our healthcare staffing was worth it!”. All the 40 candidates we placed in different roles at our client’s hospital were qualified and able. Below are the highlights of the contingent staffing solution that our team has provided to the client: 



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