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Staffing Agencies Driving Growth in the Warehousing Industry: An Overview   

The warehouse staffing agencies are incredibly important for both job seekers and employers. It helps us stay informed about job opportunities, employer needs, and salary trends. Keeping an eye on the growth of this industry is essential because it gives us insights into how new changes might impact employment. 

The warehouse staffing agencies operates in a constantly changing and highly competitive environment, offering both temporary and permanent workforce solutions to clients spanning various industries. These services encompass everything from administrative support to specialized technical roles. The positions that are in demand in the warehousing industry are contract workforce management solution, material handler, forklift operators, warehousing associates, pick and packaging associates, etc.  

In 2022, the consulting firm Interact Analysis reported the opening of nearly 10,000 warehouses worldwide. The significant growth in the industry, primarily fueled by the surge in e-commerce. This ensures a sustained high demand for warehouse workers in the foreseeable future. Discover how collaborating with contemporary warehouse staffing agencies can assist warehouses and distribution centers in locating the workforce they require.


Average hourly earning for Warehouse employees


Businesses like the supply chain, retailers, manufacturers, and distribution centers, felt the need to adapt to the increasing prominence of online sales. As per a data from the U.S. Census, e-commerce currently constitutes only 12% of total retail sales. But it is experiencing annual growth rates of 15 to 20%. The rise of e-commerce, with consumer demands for swift delivery, has emphasized the importance of speed in our industry. 

It is crucial to have a skilled workforce at your disposal due to the increasing market fluctuations. However, quickly acquiring top talent can be a time-consuming process that organizations might not be able to afford at every moment. 

That's where warehousing staffing agencies come in, they have the expertise to link you with local professionals skilled in various warehouse roles, including pickers and packers, stockers, shippers, and more. These individuals are readily available to lend their support whenever you require additional staff for peak seasons or special assignments.

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Workforce Demographics in Warehousing Industry 

The warehousing staffing agencies are experiencing a significant transformation in their workforce demographics. The surge in hiring during the pandemic has further diversified the already varied workforce. Additionally, there has been a sharp increase in the demand for remote work flexibility and other benefits. 

To maximize productivity and satisfaction, organizations must find a middle ground with their workforce. This necessitates a thoughtful approach to management that takes into account the distinct requirements of ageing and diverse employees. 

  • Ageing workforce 

Unarguable the workforce in America is aging. By 2040, it is estimated that nearly half of the population will be at least 40 years old. It is also expected that they will exceed children under the age of five and individuals in retirement. Although this trend is not exclusive to the warehouse staffing agencies sector. The effects are more noticeable. 

The ageing workforce has an influence on workplace safety and employee retention because warehouse tasks are physically demanding. Employers must do more to entice workers over the age of 40 to manufacturing employment because nobody wants to go home every night with a sore back. 

The warehouse technology trends discussed earlier offer significant potential to bring about substantial changes in this regard. Machines can take on the most physically demanding tasks within warehouses, and augmented reality (AR) can contribute to enhancing warehouse ergonomics. Lift assist devices, for instance, enable workers to handle heavy boxes with ease. By embracing technology, warehouse managers can reduce the physical demands of the job and retain their older workforce until they reach retirement age.  

Additionally, Gen Z and Millennials anticipate that technology will be a part of their daily lives. Consequently, implementing new technology aids in both attracting and keeping younger employees. 

  • Diversified workforce 

Warehouse workers come from diverse backgrounds, not just in terms of age but also in gender, language, literacy, and culture. While diversity is beneficial, it can pose challenges for warehouse managers. When it comes to uniting individuals with unique characteristics into an effective team. For example, language differences can complicate training and communication. Plus, the increasing presence of women in the traditionally male-dominated warehouse industry may introduce new sources of tension.  

Employers must foster inclusive workplaces if they want to draw in and keep a diverse workforce. This entails giving all employees the same opportunity, regardless of their gender, color, or ethnicity. 

  • Offering flexible work environment 

Working hours in warehouses can be a challenging factor. This is certain for employees with caregiving responsibilities. Flexibility is the key aspect that makes a warehouse job appealing. Not to mention it is just as important as the salary. Schedules such as night shifts may have limited flexibility due to logistical reasons.  

If at all possible, offering employees the option of working flexible shifts can have a significant impact on your capacity to attract and keep talent. Roster customization can also significantly increase employee productivity and morale while lowering the likelihood of fatigue and burnout. Offering flexibility in the warehousing sector can be a great option. It helps to retain the existing employees and save them from burnout.    

  • Training and development opportunities 

The latest trend in warehouse staffing agencies involves placing a renewed emphasis on training and development. Employers are investing in their employees by offering educational programs. Consequently, this brings several advantages. It includes increased productivity, higher employee retention rates, and enhanced morale. While initial training is essential when employees start their jobs, it's crucial to keep sharpening their skills. That's why upskilling and reskilling have become prevalent, allowing employers to nurture their existing workforce rather than constantly seeking new hires. 

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In the United States the warehousing and distribution sector has been on a remarkable growth in recent years. By looking at the graph, we can see that employment in the US warehousing and storage industry has been increasing by a substantial 6.3% on a year-over-year basis in 2016. This growth rate is comparatively higher than the 1.8% seen in all other non-farm jobs in the US, and it comes after a strong 8.4% growth in 2015. 

Factors to Look in Warehouse Staffing Agencies  

Staffing a warehouse is a big responsibility, especially for large operations that require a lot of workers. It can be challenging to thoroughly evaluate all the applicants. This emphasizes the importance of warehouse staffing agencies. When warehouse owners work with a reputable staffing agency, they can be confident that their operations are being managed by experienced and skilled personnel. However, this confidence depends on selecting a warehouse staffing agency that has excellent qualifications for finding the right employees. 

When considering your warehouse staffing needs, it's a wise decision to collaborate with a specialized and seasoned staffing agency within your industry. The critical factor is selecting the most suitable staffing agency. These agencies, due to their proficiency in locating warehouse personnel, can save you a substantial amount of valuable time by managing all aspects of the hiring process. No matter the specific roles you're looking to fill, partnering with a warehouse staffing agency offers numerous valuable benefits. 

  • Specialization 

Only a few staffing agencies truly prioritize the recruitment of warehouse personnel. Many agencies that say they specialize in warehouse staffing often simplify their approach by categorizing applicants as either clerical or light industrial workers. 

A staffing agency doesn't use a single approach for all. They carefully put applicants into different job categories, like equipment operators, forklift operators, picker/packers, and skilled workers. It's crucial to work with a warehouse staffing agency that's super focused on finding top-notch employees and making sure they fit your company culture. 


Graph 1



  • Stringent screening process 

The quality of your workforce relies heavily on the protocols and standards maintained by the staffing agency you choose. A reliable agency should thoroughly confirm that applicants have the necessary certifications, have completed safety training, successfully passed drug tests and background checks, and possessed the appropriate educational qualifications for warehouse positions. Unfortunately, busy business executives often lack the time to oversee the hiring, interviewing, testing, and screening process, especially when hiring a large number of individuals. Leading warehouse staffing agencies simplify the process of finding and hiring top-quality workers by offering a clear and non-negotiable hiring process.

The Approach of Warehouse Staffing 

The manner in which a warehouse staffing firm selects candidates serves as a strong gauge of their industry expertise, demonstrating their understanding of the critical positions a business should prioritize. Our interview approach places significant emphasis on posing pertinent and crucial questions directly linked to essential roles within the warehouse. In contrast, general staffing agencies tend to conduct less specialized interviews, often lacking the specialized expertise necessary to conduct effective interviews for warehouse candidates. 

1. Cost effectiveness  

A shortage of warehouse labor can lead to reduced production, hampering your ability to achieve business objectives. Moreover, dedicating extra time to the hiring process can have adverse effects on your business. An effective solution to address this labor shortage is to enlist the services of a warehouse staffing agency. This approach can lead to quicker hiring processes and enhanced productivity. 

2. Quickly replace workers who don’t work  

Top recruitment companies in the nation sometimes make mistakes despite candidates appearing promising on paper. However, the reassuring aspect is that hiring firms typically maintain a thorough pre-screening and screening process for candidates, making such occurrences exceptionally rare. Warehouse staffing companies can promptly and effortlessly substitute an underperforming candidate with a more qualified individual for any reason. 

3. Specialized in contract workforce 

As the possibility of an economic downturn looms, some individuals may be feeling anxious and seeking additional employment to navigate through the recession. Finding suitable candidates for increased or seasonal work can be challenging for employers. That's where warehouse staffing agencies come in. They specialize in offering temporary solutions to address labor shortages. Moreover, in some cases, these agencies may offer the option for employees to transition into full-time roles if everything goes well. 

An individual hired through a warehouse staffing agency on a temporary basis typically comes equipped with prior experience in fast-paced work settings. This often translates to a shorter training period, allowing them to quickly adapt to the heightened activity on your warehouse floor. Subsequently, you have the option to either extend their employment for a more extended period or let their temporary contract naturally conclude. 

4. Staffing Agency Supports future business growth opportunities 

Based on a December survey by Gartner, 87% of supply chain managers work continuously to enhance the flexibility of their supply chains over the next two years. However, some warehouses may find themselves in a last-minute scramble to secure workers because they lack the necessary skills.  

While traditional methods like posting ads in local newspapers or online job boards can generate numerous candidates, only a few of them will possess the required qualifications for these positions. 

Warehouse staffing agencies simplify the hiring process and deliver top-notch candidates. Collaborating with a warehouse staffing firm eliminates the hassle of creating job postings, evaluating applicants, confirming their skills and experience, and more. Additionally, staffing agencies invest the necessary time to pinpoint the most skilled and dependable workers tailored to your business requirements.

A Warehouse Staffing Agency is the Driver of Employment  

It is estimated that approx. 1.8 million Americans work in warehouses today. Therefore, an increased job satisfaction in the warehouse sector will have a significant influence. Companies that take into account the various ways in which the industry is changing.  

Job websites are a great way to find applicants. But the warehouse staffing agencies are also the best choice to assist companies in finding the right fit for the job. It is always seen that candidates are more likely to accept a job offer from a well-known company. Today, in the dynamically changing environment finding and retaining employees is challenging for businesses. Hence, building connections with the local community can also be a good chance for companies to get closer to potential hires. 

It is a time-consuming process to search for and recruit warehouse staff. These positions demand individuals with particular physical capabilities and prior experience. Regardless of the specific position you're aiming to fill, it's crucial to make well-informed hiring choices. Inadequate hires not only consume valuable time and resources but can also harm your business by increasing turnover rates.

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