The Impact of Promoting from Within on Retention Rates: Contact a Professional Staffing Partner

To fill vacancies, companies have two options, external hiring, and internal hiring. As per a professional consulting company due to the flux in the market, recruiting, hiring, and training candidates or staff are the major shortcoming that needs to be figured out. 

Finding the right talent for a specific job is an onerous task and without the help of the right tools, a consulting company and technologies, it can be an endless work. But there is the best way to get the top candidates working for your organization. There are times when you may not be able to find the right candidate for a particular role, but it doesn’t mean that you will find none. At that moment, you can also directly get in touch with staffing agencies.  

In any organization for hiring a candidate, the talent acquisition team needs to have a keen eye so that they do not end up hiring any wrong ones. External hiring can obviously usher in some fresh talent with a new perspective. Hiring a fresh pool of qualified candidates has numerous benefits because they come up with fresh ideas to the table. But have you thought if you start promoting within your organization it can save you so much cost additionally to saving your hiring time? Hiring and promoting from within can promote two crucial factors in the organization. It can motivate employees it can boost retention. 

How can Internal Promotion help you Deal with Staffing Challenges? 

By looking at the positives of promoting internally it is also crucial to understand that internal promotion works in favor of both employees and employers. For employees, it is the best and most proven way to keep them motivated. You can reward the high performers in the form of internal promotion, which in turn will keep them feeling valued and recognized 

In the case of an employer, the internal promotion will save you an ample amount of time that you would have funded into finding a suitable candidate. It also saves your cost of hiring. You can also contact a consulting company for better guidance. 

An internal promotion can say a lot about the company’s reputation. People respect such companies who value their workforce and not just value, but also hold on to them. You can dive into the reasons for internal promotion below:  

  • Improves employee retention, saves time  

The high-performing employees, when remain unnoticed, tend to disengage themselves which can eventually cause them to leave the company. In every company top talent likes to progress because they are a diligent bunch of people focused on the goal of the company’s progress.   

Promoting these employees internally will boost their performance because they would know that they are being recognized for their work and excellence. Moreover, the awards and recognition will make them feel stimulated to work and do better.   

  • Reduces staffing cost  

Unarguably recruiting and sourcing new talent is a costly affair. And no company would want to spend and hefty amount of money on hiring time and again. As per a study by Glassdoor, in the U.S. it takes about 23.8 days to hire a candidate. Additionally, when a candidate gets hired, he or she will negotiate, some may even demand a higher salary. At times the new hires would also require a signing bonus which would not be needed in the case of internal promotion.   

  • Reduces the time required to train a new employee  

Anyone joining the company would require training about the company, work, and all the procedures whereas there would not be any major hassle of training in the case of internal promotion. At the time of internal promotion, the employees are already trained in the company culture. They require a bit of information about the work. This would save your training time and costs to a greater extent.   

  • Fortifies employer’s branding  

People are attracted to a company culture that resonates with them in terms of growth. Any job seeker will always want to join a company that aligns with their goals and mission. A promotion internally demonstrates that a company valuing work also focuses on employer branding as well. The consumers believe those brands that understand employer branding.   

  • Better leadership development  

For better leadership in the company only hiring top talents is not the only thing. You must retain them as well. Every good talent must be nurtured for the continual growth of an organization for an ongoing business process. An internal promotion will boost leadership in the company allowing employees to showcase their talents in diverse areas. If any business that wants to grow must keep its internal talent satisfied with reward programs and challenging projects to recognize its efforts and commitment. 

  • Sufficient bench strength 

A diverse workforce always gives you bench strength and incredible teamwork. Organizations with diversity work together reckoning the results to deliver the optimum outcome. Promoting internally will also enlarge a diverse culture that will work exponentially to achieve the company’s goal. Internal candidates are more likely to bring great ideas because they already know the culture and challenges. Workplace diversity promotes distinguished ideas that augment the chances for potential productivity.   

How Does Internal Hiring Aids in Retention? 

To be precise, internal promotion is a practice that maintains retention rates. It all comes down to opportunity. Sometimes when an organization seeks outside talent it may be discouraging for the current employees. Many of the existing employees are looking for a chance to showcase their talent if given an opportunity. Internal promotion can boost their morale and they can take on extra responsibility to perform a new role.   


There are pros and cons to every decision you take in the company. While taking any decision do not prejudice but look at the potential of the employees. Think about the role, team, culture, and diversity. These factors will help you take the right decision. You can also contact a professional consulting company for better assistance 

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