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The complexity of recruitment is no secret and noticeably it has increased over the past few years because of the dynamic market conditions. Besides this, the candidate’s resume has become richer and more advanced over the few years.  

Regarding the changes in the resumes the talent acquisition team has also crossed boundaries to enlarge their process is searching for the right candidate. With IT coming to light recruiters have also started to use various automation tools to hastily complete the hiring process.   

Modern recruiters have assigned the wearisome task to the AI that includes shortlisting and organizing CVs or even scheduling interviews. The dynamic environment has reshaped the hiring trends and there is an unprecedented change in the future of hiring.   

As a result of automation in the industry, recruiting functions are gaining momentum. Hiring is a crucial task for all managers and in this article, we will talk about the recruitment automation process that will make your process streamlined.   

What Is Changing the Hiring Trends Today? 

Things are running in the fifth gear after the gap created by various situations so employers have to accelerate the hiring process to fill the positions. Due to the recruiting tools HR can recruit qualified candidates and contact them for current and future openings. These recruiting tools help organizations in managing their talent pipeline along with work automation.   

Some tools also generate insights that shows if the applicants’ candidature matches the job profile. The automation software used by HR is integrated with ATS and CRM software.   

To qualify and get listed as a recruiting automation software a product must have qualities like:  

  • Creating and tracking candidates’ engagement  
  • Simplifying the recruiting process  
  • Building a pool of talent  
  • Providing automated sources to identify qualified candidates  

Why Should You Use Recruitment Software? 

Introducing recruitment automation software has various benefits. The software can be your best companion in working effectively and reducing recruitment time. Anything done wrong can hamper your company’s reputation.  

Here is a quick rundown of the reason for using recruitment automation software:  

  • Improves quality of hire:  

With so many resumes flowing in for just one job, it is extremely difficult to evaluate them to find quality candidates. Now, with recruitment automation software the process of hiring quality candidates is effortless. The automation tools will provide you with a fast screening of the right candidate and automatically filter out those who do not suffice the job needs.  

  • Saves time:  

Automating a few parts of the hiring process saves time giving recruiters more time to focus on other aspects like selling, engaging, and onboarding candidates.  

  • Assisting candidates  

The automation tools are not just great for recruiters but also improve the candidates’ experience through various aspects. Through the pre-assessment programs and communication tools a candidate can know about the company in detail. These tools also keep candidates informed about a lot about the company.  

  • Unbiased hiring  

This automation software has eliminated the chances of hiring candidates through biased means. Work culture is inclusive of people with diverse cultures and a good workforce is necessary for the company's good culture. Whosoever gets hired must be competitive to fulfill the expectations of the job role offered. Therefore, hiring someone for a job role always has to be an unprejudiced decision.   

Rundown through the list of 5 easy-to-use recruitment automation software; 

1. Allyo  

An AI-powered HR assistant Allyo leverages natural languages and AI to provide fast answers to candidates. This AI software is technologically smart to help candidates with smart answers to common questions. With the help of this AI, candidates can connect with companies over various platforms like SMS, WhatsApp, chatbox, etc.   

2. RoboRecruiter  

RoboRecruiter is automation software designed specifically for candidate engagement with the perspective to maximize the recruitment process. With this software, you can automate messages to build relationships with potential candidates and keep them engaged as well. The PALS (position, availability, location, and skills) stores in Robo Recruiter are compliant with the general data protection regulation so there are no such security concerns. Moreover, the software is easy to use and manage.   

3. Jobvite  

Due to its pioneering work in the area of recruitment, Jobvite is among the favorite software for enterprises providing continuous candidate engagement (CCE). This model allows companies to engage candidates in every stage of candidates' journey. Jobvite works with the combination of automation and intelligence together with recruitment cycles. This makes easy filtration of candidates cost-effectively. Some renowned names that use Jobvite include Schneider, Electric, LinkedIn, Zappos, Premise Health, and Blizzard Entertainment.   

4. Greenhouse  

The recruiters can use this for data-driven hiring that ultimately gets them closer to hiring the right candidate. This recruitment software facilitates better collaboration and two-way communication on data results. Due to these features, hiring managers can perform their recruitment job with perfection. Another feature Greenhouse offers is that it has interview kits so that the one who is hiring can directly communicate with HR representatives. Additionally, to this Greenhouse allows teams to post vacancies in different job portals.   

5. JazzHR  

The purpose of JazzHR is to assist the recruiting team by providing a smooth solution. An award-winning solution to help small and medium businesses, plus its application tracking system can help you with complex tasks like emailing and spreadsheets. This way the recruiting team can create a scalable recruiting solution.   

One of the advantages of using JazzHR is that they offer pricing models as per the usage, and can be customized and integrated with HR tools like LinkedIn, Salesforce, Namely, etc.  


At times hiring can be a long-drawn-out process, but you cannot compromise on the hiring quality. Working on spreadsheets or email can lead to redundancy in work. Whereas this automation software can save you enough time from repetitive tasks. Now, you can focus on value-added hiring work.   

The benefits of automation tools in the recruitment industry in distinct because they single-handedly help recruiters achieve their hiring target. That means the work of hiring managers has become uncomplicated. Companies today have invested in miscellaneous recruiting software that has added value to their hiring process. With the right tools and requirements, any organization can effectively reduce their time to hire by contacting qualified candidates. 

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