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Rekrooting is a renowned logistics & transportation staffing agency working closely with leading companies to provide creative recruitment solutions that delivers positive results. 

Our team of logistics recruiting specialists specialize in providing temporary and permanent employment and staffing throughout the USA. Rekrooting’s professionals logistic staffing team assists businesses to hire the most qualified candidates to meet your staffing needs in the logistic sector.  

The work procedures at Rekrooting are extremely rigorous and do not allow wrong recruitment which is why we proudly place ourselves as one of the top logistics & transportation staffing agencies in the USA. 

We provide innovative staffing solutions to various clients and organizations in the logistics industry. Our recruitment services include hard-working and effective candidates for the positions of: 

  • Operator 
  • Warehouseman 
  • Packer 
  • Machine operator 
  • Electrician 
  • Logistics Manager 
  • Scheduling Specialist 
  • Material Handler 
  • Truck Driver 
  • Distribution and Supply Chain And more. other similar positions. 

Logistics & Transportation Staffing Agency with the Best Team

We possess great knowledge in the area of transportation and logistics sector, and we have a track record of successfully matching top talent with transportation and logistics organizations.  

The supply chain management system must be managed by qualified people from the logistics and supply chain industry. If you have enough qualified staff to manage all aspects of your business, your logistics company can run efficiently.  

For logistics organizations, finding the right candidate becomes difficult but you will always benefit from Rekrooting, a logistics & transportation staffing agency for getting access to qualified labor. 

You have come to the right place if you need people who enjoy driving, organizing, moving and repairing, and if you have job openings in the transport and logistics supply sector. Due to our experience in serving customers in the logistics sector, Rekrooting has become one of the biggest game-changers in this area. We have the most suitable talents you need! 

Rekrooting: Your Perfect Solution for Best Logistics Supply Recruitment

When it comes to filling the popular transportation & logistics supply positions, we are your reliable partners. Today's transportation and logistics supply sector has many obstacles, but with the correct partner, these can be surmounted to achieve even greater success.    

The team fills in the gaps and allows transportation and logistics companies to focus on their core responsibilities when demand outstrips supply. This industry is crucial to the health of our economy. 

People with a background in logistics and transport can connect digitally with a wide range of companies that regularly use this type of technology, with the support of recruitment companies like ours. 

Hence, logistic staffing assists transportation and logistics supply companies in overcoming obstacles to enable them to succeed more fully in their areas of expertise. 

The Right Logistics & Transportation Staffing Agency for Your Business Needs

With a range of initiatives, we have a proven track record of success in logistics staffing. We honor each of our clients' requests and assist them in finding the most qualified candidates in the vibrant U.S. market. 

Our team employs a unique process to choose applicants that satisfy our clients' expectations. Because of this, Rekrooting is prepared to assist you in choosing the best applicants if you're still having problems discovering suitable people for your business or if you're running out of time to find the best candidate

This is a highly homogeneous network that moves tons of products, and numerous people by air, road, rail, and water when it comes to Transportation & Logistics Supply industry. They risk their lives every day to provide us with essentials, luxuries, and much more. There are many smart changes coming in the Transportation & Logistics Supply industry. A modern workforce is ready to understand these advances when required. And with this vibe in the air, logistics supply recruitment is also transforming a lot.

If you have open roles in the Transportation & Logistics Supply industry and require people who love driving, organizing, moving things and repairing then you have come to the correct place. Rekrooting has been one of the major game changers in the Transportation & Logistics Supply industry; supporting clients in this industry for a decade now. We have the best relevant talents that you need!

We are your trusted partners in filling the buzzing Transportation & Logistics Supply roles. Transportation & Logistics Supply industry faces many challenges today, but with the right partner, these hurdles can be overcome to reach an even higher level of success. When demand outstrips supply, staffing makes up the difference and allows Transportation & Logistics Supply companies to focus on their main responsibilities. This field plays an important role in the health of our economy. The staffing companies like us help individuals with transportation and logistics degrees easily connect digitally with the numerous different companies that use this type of technology on a daily basis. In this way, staffing helps Transportation & Logistics Supply companies overcome their challenges so they can achieve greater levels of success in their areas of specialization.


Logistics Manager


Scheduling Specialist


Material Handler


Truck Driver


Distribution and Supply Chain And more.