Have you ever analyzed the employee-centric relationship problems you have observed and experienced? Do you consider them trivial annoyances or business parasites?  

You might consider any reason, but you will agree that three crucial factors play a significant role in bad employee relationships: Poor Knowledge, Poor Communication, and Poor Recognition. So, recognize these three pillars of successful employee relationships and understand how to leverage them. In that case, it is possible for you to significantly improve your employee relations and make your organization one of the comparably best places to work 

This blog will dive into the above three essential aspects to give you an idea of how you can dramatically improve employee relations. Let’s read on.  

1. Right Knowledge 

As an employer, you should understand the legal HR obligations and accountabilities at your best. Also, having an excellent knowledge of the resources at your disposal is imperative. So, ensure you stay updated with the latest employment laws and apply the best practices in your organization at different levels, like performance management and conflict resolution. It will help your managers transform into influential leaders.  

If you feel that your employees feel isolated or claim unfair treatment towards them, try to diffuse and resolve this quickly. Leveraging trusted human experience platforms or consulting a business peer can amplify your managers’ skills and confidence.  

However, one of your most major responsibilities is to ensure you know the limitations of your role as a business owner, manager, or HR person. What best you can do is combine your knowledge of legal HR issues with your comprehensive awareness of the business initiatives and goals.  

While becoming a promising leader, the manager in you should also understand the diverse needs of their employees. And thereafter, there must be a shared environment where your organization can find a perfect balance between dialogue and accountability.  


2. Right Communication 

One of the biggest staffing challenges for most companies is better company culture. 89% of experts who talk about company culture believe that proactive communication, employee turnover rate, and a company’s financial performance go hand in hand! Without flawless communication, you can maintain excellent employee relationships. 

According to some of the latest studies and findings: 

  1. Companies with amazingly effective communication report lower turnover rates by 20%. 
  2. Shareholders of companies return to those organizations 57% more that practice effective communication. 
  3. Organizations that communicate expertly can retain 19.4% more market premium than businesses that don’t. 

   So, can you imagine how significant good communication is for better employee relations? 

If you store the required knowledge in your brain, it will do no good for the productivity and morale of your people. So, you are required to consistently update them with critical events and discussions to make sure you are connecting the value of your employees’ work to the bigger picture of the company. Not only this but ask for feedback from them in return.  Your frontline people would be the best to suggest how feasible a seemingly great idea would actually look! If you ask employees for feedback, it will encourage them to take a greater interest in your organization.  

3. Right Recognition 

You might get caught up in your daily routine of trying to complete tasks. Still, despite all these, paying attention to and openly acknowledging your employees who make efforts to achieve milestones is essential. It can be a thoughtful ‘thank you’ or a structured rewards system in the form of an appreciative action from your end towards your employees. This can be a significant trigger to boost the morale of your employees high, have exceptional employee relations, and keep the workspace moving forward!  


The Bottom Line  

So, are you ready to culture outstanding employee relationships at the organizational level? Don’t wait anymore! 

Just take the above proactive steps, and you will surely succeed. Make this your winning formula to give rise to happy employees, which can surely give you happy customers!  

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