What Latest Technology Innovations do Clients Expect from Staffing Agencies in 2022? 


Like most other industries, smart and intelligent technologies are the game-changer today in the resource staffing industry.  

89% of companies which hire their workforce via a staffing agency say that they exclusively look for the agency’s tech-driven, more intelligent working approach.  

So, it has become evident to transform the modern resource staffing solutions to be tech-friendly. As technology around us is continuously revolutionizing at a higher pace, the impact of these tech changes has also become significant in the staffing world. Today’s staffing agencies are expected to leverage the power of the most ingenious staffing technology innovations to become their clients’ favorite.  

Which Technologies do Clients Expect from the Staffing Agencies Most in 2022?  

Whether providing executive staffing solutions or contingent workforce management services, a modern staffing consultant must be technology-friendly. Below are the unique staffing technologies a talent management agency must use to help their clients with the best talents effortlessly.  

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One of the significant technological advancements in the staffing industry is automation. Automated technology platforms can help make repetitive and low-value tasks easy. With this, the staffing professionals get more opportunities to focus on other meaningful activities like candidate engagement and qualification. It helps establish better client relationships and allows staffing agencies to develop new business leads.  


With the most intelligent automation, recruiters spend less time on routine, ordinary tasks and instead use that time to fulfil clients’ requirements. Thus, it helps build excellent client relationships. Also, an automated platform can help staffing agencies grow exceptional relations with candidates and staff. It is a sensible choice.  


There are specific automated staffing tools in the market which can create a lot of value by mechanizing most administrative tasks of the staffing professionals. Staffing firms can use automation to boost profits, benefits, and cost-effectiveness. With the right automation technologies, staffing agencies can convert their routine tasks into highly productive and efficient end-to-end systems and processes.  


Since the inception of the COVID-19 pandemic, staffing agencies have started investing in automation technology at a higher speed. It has given rise to greater efficiency and outstanding outcomes at an affordable price.    


Mobile Staffing Applications  


Smartphones are often used as an advanced technology innovation for different staffing firms. In 2022, staffing professionals, applicants, and clients can run their work from mobile devices. These intelligent mobile staffing applications can transform the staffing procedure with an intuitive experience. They help boost the entire hiring process, fulfilling the clients’ demands and requests from candidates while cutting down the business running costs.  


According to the latest data, 67% of staffing companies use mobile apps in their staffing approaches to run successful projects in huge volumes and achieve great results. If your staffing agency is not leveraging it now, make the right move soon!  




Chatbots are excellent software application that helps staffing agencies do online chat conversation with users via text or voice. It helps speed up the staffing process by engaging, attracting, processing, and converting a huge number of applicants at a scale. This process further helps drive productivity.  


Clients expect staffing firms to opt for a chatbot to improve the candidate experience and enrich the data they pass into their CRM. With chatbots, clients hope for easy interaction with applicants without asking for additional time from recruiters. Also, chatbots can help staffing companies improve time-on-site and user experience.  


What’s more, with the help of chatbots, staffing professionals can answer frequently asked questions or queries in real-time and empower staffing companies to better engage with their clients.  


The best mobile applications within the staffing business that clients anticipate the most deal with applicants’ appointments, scheduling, client service, and client care. These apps have become very popular to improve client experience and meet user expectations. They are the ‘table stakes’ for many staffing agencies to improve communication and engagement.  


Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning 


Artificial Intelligence or AI is another colossal technological innovation in the staffing industry that their clients expect. AI significantly deals with all staffing verticals, ultimately providing affordable and highly efficient outcomes. 


 The clients of staffing companies expect them to use AI tremendously in the advancement and evolution of the realm of their staffing needs. This is the reason why AI adoption has accelerated across staffing firms. The concept of artificial intelligence is expected to reach the highest standards and become a ubiquitous concept of adoption by the next decade.  


Thus, more staffing companies should leverage AI and ML in the best ways as time passes. Some practical approaches include automating different specific functions, executing their strategies more competently, and improving productivity.  


The Bottom Line  


In a nutshell, technology is diversely driving a massive acceleration in the staffing industry. Service excellence, client delivery, and process enhancement are the three most crucial vertices with enormous scope for the acceptance of intelligent automation and technologies.  


So, suppose you want to cut above the rest in the staffing business. In that case, your agency needs to embrace the digital transformation in modern staffing, deploy SaaS technology in your business process, and stay ahead of the competition. So, are you aiming for these transformations to keep your clients happy? 

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